Fewer Christians, More Atheists

In case you missed it yesterday (I did), this graphic appeared alongside the atheist article in The New York Times: It’s not brand new info — we knew it last month from the American Religious Identification Survey. But still. Woo! We should blow that up and frame it. [Read more...]

Changing Your Religious Affiliation

Yesterday, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released the results of a survey on religious affiliation. Here’s what they found: Americans change religious affiliation early and often. In total, about half of American adults have changed religious affiliation at least once during their lives. Most people who change their religion leave their childhood [Read More...]

Where Are All the Non-White Atheists?

There never seem to be many of us minorities in the atheist crowd. You go to a conference or a local meeting, the percentage of minorities are a lot smaller than in the general population. Quick: Name ten non-white atheists! (Can you do it? Are you struggling?) Vjack has a theory about this: This is [Read More...]

Number of Teenage Atheists in Canada Is Going Up!

Canadians can be optimistic about this statistic (hey, I rhyme!): Teens who said they definitely believed in God, or a higher power, went from 54% to 37%, from 1984 to 2008, while the number of atheists rose from 6% to 16%. The number of teens that remained uncertain about God stayed at 31%. In an [Read More...]

What Do Non-Religious People Call Themselves?

This is another one of those times when you see the results of a survey and you just scratch your head… The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life recently released its U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. They found the following result: 5% of American adults say they do not believe in God or [Read More...]