Gallup Poll: Americans Are Becoming Less Religious

People are losing their faith and it’s not just a recent fad. It’s a trend that continues to go in our direction. A new Gallup poll shows a lot of progress on the side of rational thought. Protestants? Declining. Catholics? They had been going up but they’re heading back down. No religion? Steadily increasing. This [Read More...]

The Unhelpful Data Found In: “American Nones: Profile of the No Religion Population”

Researchers Barry A. Kosmin and Ariela Keysar released the results of a study called “American Nones: The Profile of the No Religion Population” (PDF). It’s possibly the most frustrating study I’ve come across. It says so much without actually saying anything. It begins with the issue of describing who the Nones are: “The irreligious, the [Read More...]

ARIS’s ‘American Nones’ and Politics

There are a few interesting thoughts to take from the new ARIS study on American “Nones” (people who aren’t affiliated with a particular religion*).  PZ Myers raised a point, and Hemant is posting his take a little later in the day.  I’ll try not to step on his toes, and focus on chart I found [Read More...]

Abstinence-Only Education Fails Again

The Fark headline for this story reads: “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” A new study published in the journal Reproductive Health shows that there is a correlation between a state’s religiosity and the teenage birth rate. Except Utah. It’s the exception. (Nicely done, Mormons.) (And “new” study? Haven’t we heard this one before? Next [Read More...]

Atheist Demographic Growth Stable

Here at the Secular Coalition for America one of our primary goals is to increase the visibility of and respect for nontheists.  Getting Rep. Pete Stark to become the first openly nontheistic member of congress was a big step for our visibility.  But while that was part of a top-down approach, the bottom-up strategy is [Read More...]