Shocking: Young Americans Have a More Favorable View of Atheists Than Senior Citizens Do

One more result from the new report (PDF) put out by Brookings and the Public Religion Research Institute. It seems that the younger generation (18-30) is far more accepting of minorities of all kinds — including atheists — than those Americans 65 and older: … there is a relationship to education as well: 42 percent [Read More...]

New Report Shows Divorce Rates Highest in Bible Belt States

According to new data released yesterday (PDF) from the U.S. Census Bureau, Southern states — including many Bible Belt ones — had some of the highest rates of divorce for both men and women in the country. Nine of the 14 states with divorce rates for women above the U.S. average, ranging from 10.7 to [Read More...]

Fact Check, Please

This is a guest post by Tyler Curtis. He is a sophomore at Skagit Valley College and the Executive Director of the Skagit Secular Student Alliance. This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend theĀ 2011 Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference. Among the speakers was American Atheist president David Silverman, and it was a speech [Read More...]

We’re Number One!

According to a new Pew survey of Evangelical Christian leaders, the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity is… us! Should I break out the party hats? Funny, though. I would’ve said the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity is their stubbornness when it comes to issues of homosexuality, women’s rights, and science education. While the rest of [Read More...]

16% of White Evangelical Christians Oppose Interracial Marriage

44 years after Loving v. Virginia ended interracial marriages bans across the country, there are still people who think marrying someone of a different race is a bad idea. And you’ll *never* guess which group is most against it: Christianity Today remarks on a Pew poll from February that shows White Evangelical Christians are the [Read More...]