White Evangelicals Are the Only People Who Think White Evangelicals Have It Rough

PRRI released a new survey today focused on transgender bathrooms and religious liberty, and I want to direct your attention to a few results that show just how much white evangelical Christians reject reality.


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White Evangelicals Are the Only Group Whose Support of a Muslim Ban Has Gone Up Since Last May

White evangelical Christians are sticking their fingers in their ears as people explain why the Muslim ban makes for awful policy and clinging to their belief that America needs to be closed off to people who don’t believe as they do.


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When It Comes to Faith-Based Violence, Americans Give Christianity an Undeserved Break

If a Muslim blows up a building in the name of Islam, is he a “true” believer? What if a Christian shoots an abortion doctor in the name of Jesus? It turns out there’s a remarkable double standard in how Americans respond to those questions.


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Survey Shows That Americans, Especially Younger Ones, Are Warming Up to Atheists

When it comes to how Americans feel about atheists, we generate more “warm feelings” today compared to three years ago. In fact, the positive change is higher than any other religious affiliation. The bad news is we’re still pretty damn low on the overall list… but that’s changing quickly!


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Vermont is Once Again the Least Religious State in the Country

Congratulations, Vermont! Now do us a favor and teach a lesson to Mississippi.


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