Census Results Show India Has Fewer Atheists Than Rhode Island

According to 2011 census data released yesterday (because lots of data means lots of lag time), the entire subcontinent of India has only 33,304 atheists. That boils down to 0.0027% of the population. If that seems remarkably low… you’re right. There are literally more atheists in Rhode Island than in all of India.


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Can Religion Solve Social Problems? Fewer Americans Than Ever Before Say Yes

Can churches and other places of worship provide meaningful solutions to social problems? A record number of Americans no longer believe it, reveals a new Pew poll.


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Survey: Evangelical Christians Say It’s Becoming Harder to Be an Evangelical Christian

Whether it’s opposing LGBT rights, promoting Christianity through schools and government, or ruining science education, evangelical Christians are increasingly seeing pushback against their bad beliefs. And that’s a very welcome change.


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Study: Most Evangelicals Think Transgender People Are Immoral

Transgender people are one of the most marginalized communities in the United States. They face disproportionate rates of suicide, violence, unemployment, poverty, and discrimination. Oh, and the majority of evangelicals still think their mere existence is “immoral.”


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With This Much Non-Religious Support for Hillary Clinton, Why Isn’t She Reaching Out To Us More?

A new Pew Research Center poll finds, not surprisingly, that white evangelical Protestants are overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump (78%) while those of us who are religiously unaffiliated back Hillary Clinton (67%). So why aren’t Democrats making the most of this information?


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