Literally 0% of Young Germans Think Christianity is an Important Part of Their National Identity

Young people in Germany don’t think being a Christian is important in establishing their national identity. Literally 0% of them said Christianity was a factor.


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What Does It Take to Be a “True” American? 32% Say “Being a Christian” is an Important Factor

Nearly a third of all Americans believe “being a Christian” is essential to what defines a “true” American… which means nearly a third of Americans are absolutely wrong.


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Gallup Poll: 1.9% of “Highly Religious” Americans Are LGBT, but the Number Jumps to 7% Among Nones

A new Gallup poll shows stark differences between very religious and non-religious Americans when it comes to identifying as LGBT.


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Here’s Why There Isn’t More Atheist Representation in Congress

Americans without organized religion make up about 23% of the country, but we will only have 0.2% representation in the new Congress. Why does this continue to happen? Why aren’t there more (or any) atheists on Capitol Hill?


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Once Again, There Will Not Be a Single Open Atheist in the New Congress

When the new members of Congress take their oaths today, we will once again have a House and Senate without a single openly atheist legislator.


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