Two Malls Reject Atheist Group’s Ad Telling Australians to Answer Census Faith Question Honestly

The Atheist Foundation of Australia just rolled out an advertising campaign encouraging people to mark “No Religion” on the upcoming census (if that’s the truth) … but it’s hitting some speed bumps along the way.


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24% of Americans Ages 18-29 Accept That We Aren’t (and Never Were) a “Christian Nation”

Americans ages 18-29, more than any other age group, understand that our country isn’t (and never was) a “Christian Nation.”


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A Slightly Reworded Census Question May Soon Shift the Balance of Religious Power in Australia

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics prepares for the upcoming 2016 census taking place this August, they’ve changed the way they ask people for their religious affiliation.

Now’s a good time for religious groups to start freaking out.

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A Reminder of What the Numbers Say About Atheists in the U.S.

As we gear up for this weekend’s Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., the Pew Research Center does a nice job of running down some basic numbers regarding atheists in the U.S.

If nothing else, it’s a sobering reminder that, despite all the talk about the rise of the Nones, the percentage of people who use the “atheist” label is still relatively small:


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British Writer Asserts Without Facts That Religious Believers Are Still a Majority in Her Country

In a newspaper piece that’s short on facts but long on hubris, writer Janet Street-Porter alleges that the majority of her fellow Britons only think they have no religious faith.


Porter, a 69-year-old Anglican and an editor-at-large of the Independent on Sunday, is in a snit over the recent news that the percentage of the non-religious in England and Wales has nearly doubled in recent years. The people in those two countries who are atheists, agnostics, or “nothing in particular” now outnumber the local Christian population.

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