Even Glenn Beck is Criticizing the Christian Charity That Rejected a Large Donation from Atheists

Glenn Beck was the voice of reason on his Blaze TV show during a discussion about atheists. He criticized a Christian children’s home that rejected a donation worth more than $25,000 because it came from an atheist organization.


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Conservative Writer: Atheists Who Raised Money for Christian Charity Were Doing It for Publicity

Remember the story of an atheist who tried to give thousands and thousands of dollars to a Christian children’s home in Oklahoma, only to have them reject the cash because he didn’t share their faith? A conservative writer now says the atheists were just raising the money to get publicity and advance their “agenda.”

Matt and Keli Wilbourn

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Atheists Helped Homeless People Over Christmas… But Christians Online Are Giving Credit to God

The Southeast Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless group spent Christmas Day serving meals and distributing care packages to those in need.

For some Christians, however, this act of compassion couldn’t be divorced from the idea that God must have been using non-believers to enact His will.


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One Atheist’s Clever Message for the Salvation Army

Here’s an interesting idea: Instead of giving money to the Salvation Army this year — since it’s a religious charity that discriminates against LGBT people — consider dropping this note in the red pails.


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The Kenyan Government Blocked an Atheist Group from Donating Items to a Children’s Home

The group Atheists in Kenya (AiK) has had a difficult time getting any respect in the country. Even getting official status as a registered group (akin to becoming a legal non-profit in the United States) was blocked by the government earlier this year and remains in limbo today.

The government is now using that ambiguity to prevent the atheists from helping needy children.

Harrison Mumia of Atheists in Kenya

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