The Kenyan Government Blocked an Atheist Group from Donating Items to a Children’s Home

The group Atheists in Kenya (AiK) has had a difficult time getting any respect in the country. Even getting official status as a registered group (akin to becoming a legal non-profit in the United States) was blocked by the government earlier this year and remains in limbo today.

The government is now using that ambiguity to prevent the atheists from helping needy children.

Harrison Mumia of Atheists in Kenya

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Oklahoma Christian Charity That Rejected Atheist’s Money Receives Windfall After Controversy

The Oklahoma Christian charity that rejected more than $25,000 raised by Matt Wilbourn and other atheists — because it would “go against everything they believe in” — ended up receiving a windfall in donations after the controversy.

Matt and Keli Wilbourn

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Atheists Are Raising Funds to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims

Hurricane Matthew has already struck Haiti, killing nearly 300 people in its wake so far, and it’s about to hit Florida as I write this. The devastation from the Category 4 hurricane will almost certainly be extensive.

Foundation Beyond Belief is now calling on atheists to chip in to help the victims of this natural disaster:


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Secular Rescue: A Program to Relocate Atheists Whose Lives Are in Danger

On International Blasphemy Rights Day, the Center for Inquiry is upgrading its program to help people escape from oppressive countries where their atheism could be a death sentence. A dozen people (and, in some cases, their families) have already been relocated.

The program is now called Secular Rescue and your donations would go a long way to helping even more people whose lives are in danger for daring to criticize religion:


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All Atheists Should Be Organ Donors

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why all atheists should be organ donors:


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