In Southeast Texas, An Atheist Group is Helping a Homeless Camp in Ways Christians Are Not

A news station in Texas aired a depressing yet powerful segment yesterday about a local homeless camp. The piece about the tent city included sound bites from a woman who’s eight months pregnant and a man saying they “always need water.” It also included the founder of Southeast Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless, a group that frequently brings toiletries, food, clothes, and more to the area to help everyone get by.


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The St. Paul Saints Baseball Team Will Become the “Mr. Paul Aints” for an Atheist Charity Event

It’s my favorite charity event of the year. On July 16, for the fifth consecutive year, the Minnesota Atheists will join forces with a local minor league baseball team, turning the St. Paul Saints into the “Mr. Paul Aints.”

They even have billboards publicizing the big event:


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Atheist Group Will Offer Free Secular Memorial Services for Families of Orlando Nightclub Victims

Members of the Central Florida Freethought Community have spent the past couple of days trying to figure out what they could do to help people affected by the recent mass shooting at Pulse nightclub. They knew they could make donations and give blood, but was there anything unique they could bring to the table to help people?

Yes there was. While we’re all aware that the shooter was Muslim, we haven’t heard much about the religious beliefs of the 49 victims. Given that they were obviously LGBT individuals or allies, there’s reason to believe many of them were non-religious.

And that’s why CFFC will be offering free secular memorial services for their families:


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Years After Her “I’m Actually an Atheist” Moment, a Tragedy Survivor is Helping Others Recover

It was three years ago today when, following a devastating tornado in Oklahoma, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer went to the scene to interview people affected by the tragedy.

He eventually spoke to a woman named Rebecca Vitsmun whose family was okay but whose home was not. At the end of the interview, Blitzer asked her if she thanked God for getting out of house in time… and that led to this incredible exchange:

What Vitsmun is doing now is incredible.

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Atheists Are Raising Funds to Help Those Affected by the Earthquake in Ecuador

Over the weekend, there was a devastating earthquake in Ecuador. As of this writing, more than 270 people have died, more than 2,500 people have been injured, and the horrors seems to grow larger by the hour.


Foundation Beyond Belief, an atheist organization I work with that supports secular charities, is currently holding a fundraiser to help people who have been affected by this tragedy.

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