Last Day to Donate to Jessica Ahlquist Fund

Tonight is it! The scholarship drive for Jessica Ahlquist closes today. After that, I need a week or so to figure out what donations were made directly to the American Humanist Association and what money will be contributed from the Evil Little Thing t-shirt sales, and then I’ll report back how much was raised altogether. [Read More…]

Don’t Let Faith Stop You from Donating Your Organs

Recently, Israel did something smart regarding organ donation: Until now, Israel ranked at the bottom of Western countries on organ donation. Jewish law proscribes desecration of the dead, which has been interpreted by many to mean that Judaism prohibits organ donation. Additionally, there were rabbinic issues surrounding the concept of brain death, the state in [Read More…]

Update on the Catholic School Atheist and Responsible Charity

Yesterday, a Catholic-school-attending atheist teenager named Daniel was highlighted here. Daniel wanted to beat his school in a charity fundraiser, only he wanted to benefit a secular charity instead of the Church. According to Responsible Charity, within 48 hours of Daniel creating the Facebook fundraiser page, $4,925.27 has been donated from 497 people in 19 [Read More…]

An Atheist in Catholic School Wants to Show That He Can Be Charitable, Too

Here’s the story of a boy named Daniel. He was born into a Catholic family. He is forced to attend Catholic School. He has come to the conclusion that he is an atheist. Hello everyone, My name is Daniel and I’m an Atheist who is forced to attend a private Catholic school. I regularly experience [Read More…]

Free Atheist Conference in the Bible Belt Taking Place This April

The Wichita Coalition of Reason is planning a free conference April 21st-22nd — call it a sequel to last year’s Rapture Day conference. They have some great speakers for the occasion, too. Even though it’s a free conference, it takes money to put it all together and Phil Ferguson is matching all money raised for [Read More…]