Foundation Beyond Belief Had a Fantastic Quarter

How did the Foundation Beyond Belief members do during the 3rd Quarter of 2011? *Amazingly* well: We raised a total of $31,240 for our ten beneficiaries and even “funded a full four-year college scholarship for a Guatemalan high school scholar currently in the [Roots & Wings International] program”! We’re about to hit $200,000 in cumulative [Read More…]

A Couple Updates on the American Cancer Society Fiasco

No, the American Cancer Society still hasn’t come to its senses. They still refuse to recognize an atheist National Team. But at least the story is getting picked up by more media sources… The Young Turks covered it yesterday and they don’t hold back at all: Also, I taped an interview with Jon Grayson of [Read More…]

Relay For Life Controversy Discussed on Ask An Atheist Podcast

Todd Stiefel and I appeared on the Ask An Atheist podcast over the weekend to talk about the American Cancer Society’s rejection of an atheist National Relay For Life team. You can listen to the podcast here. Thanks to Sam, Mike, and Scott for helping publicize this story! [Read more…]

Atheists Doing Volunteer Work

I don’t have a better title for this. There’s just a lot of it going on lately. The Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics (AHA!) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison cleaned up garbage on State Street on Sunday. Why? No special reason. They’re just that awesome and they knew no one else was stepping up to do [Read More…]

A Successful Humanist Community in Boston

Over at Harvard, Humanist chaplain Greg Epstein has been hosting a series of Sunday gatherings featuring talks and discussions: At a recent meeting, Epstein and his acolytes — they included students and people whose college years were far behind them — shared plastic chairs in the chaplain’s modest office suite. There was a guest speaker, [Read More…]