The Church Vandals May Have Been Caught…

Police in Bend, Oregon may have caught the vandals who tagged a couple local churches with references to the Flying Spaghetti Monster: Three teenagers suspected in multiple recent graffiti incidents were arrested by Bend Police shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday. … The three suspects were jailed and released. They face four counts each of first-degree [Read More…]

Idaho Atheists Clean Up Highway

Last week, the Idaho Atheists helped clean up a two-mile stretch of Boise: There was lots of great conversation and we found some interesting things. Card by card we picked up almost a whole deck of cards, we also picked up a porn magazine almost page by page, a page from a hymnal, a church [Read More…]

The Church Vandalism Clip from Fox & Friends

Here’s the clip from this morning’s “Fox & Friends Weekend” talking about the church vandalism story: I didn’t realize the segment would be so short! You can tell I tried to get in that last line at the end… I also wish I had said the site’s name or mentioned Foundation Beyond Belief, but I [Read More…]

Church Vandalism Story on The Young Turks

I didn’t even know this was happening — The Young Turks covered the church vandalism story: I [Read more…]

If You’re Up Early on Saturday Morning…

Barring any breaking news, I will be appearing on “Fox & Friends” (Weekend edition) on Fox News Channel at approximately 7:50a (Eastern time) on Saturday morning to discuss the church vandalism story. Pastor John Bluebaugh of Christian Life Center will be there, too. [Read more…]