A College with Two Atheist Groups

Boston University has two groups specifically for atheists: one deals with discussion and debate. The other focuses on dialogue with theists and community service. The campus newspaper sets them up as competitive, but I don’t know why that would necessarily be the case on a college campus: The disparate approaches of the two BU groups [Read More…]

Guess Who Else Adopted a Highway?

The Omaha Atheists have a highway of their own! Hmm… I wonder what the longest stretch of atheist-cleaned road is in America. (Thanks to Brian for the link!) [Read more…]

Foundation Beyond Belief: Challenge the Gap

The organization I chair, Foundation Beyond Belief, has faced an important dilemma during our first year of existence. We obviously want to encourage atheist donors to give to secular charities. At the same time, we want to be able to support groups run by religious organizations, if they’re also doing secular work (as long as [Read More…]

Atheists: Make a Donation This Holiday Season

Susan Jacoby has a wonderful explanation of why the religious give more to charity than the non-religious — and how we can change that: The real giving difference between secularists and regular churchgoers comes from the fact that going to church establishes the habit of giving — not only because of moral exhortations from the [Read More…]

Send An Atheist Some Positive Vibes

A fellow atheist blogger, Kate Holden of Cuddly Atheism, recently suffered a stroke. She’s doing ok, but she’s currently dealing with Broca’s aphasia. As her husband Jay puts it: Broca’s aphasia is what is known as an expressive aphasia. It limits her ability to express the ideas in her head, whether in speech or in [Read More…]