Team Diversity Still Has Time to Beat PZ!

The good side is still fighting to raise more money than PZ Myers on behalf of Camp Quest! Sure, PZ might have raised over $8,600… but before you make a donation, think long and hard about which team you want to donate to. The team consisting of only older, white men? Or the team full [Read More…]

Give Blood on the Day of Reason

While certain Christians are praying the day away on Thursday during the National Day of Prayer, you can get off your knees and do something actually useful: Donate blood. The NYC Atheists are meeting at the New York Blood Bank (310 East 67th Street — between 1st & 2nd Ave) at 4:00p to give a [Read More…]

Operation Crush PZ: Round 2

Ok, ok, so PZ won round one of the Camp Quest fundraiser. He raised $5,000 via his site faster than all us other bloggers combined. But the joke’s on him. The contest isn’t over yet! The *ahem* REVISED contest is: Whichever side raises the most money by June 1st wins! So help us out! We’re [Read More…]

Northern Iowa Atheists Hold Service Week in Response to Prayer Week

There are several atheists groups that hold a “National Day of Reason” or a “National Day of Service” in response to the “National Day of Prayer.” The point being: Sitting around praying accomplishes nothing. Standing up and helping other people makes a real difference. The Secular Student Alliance affiliate at the University of Northern Iowa [Read More…]

Help Send Women to The Amazing Meeting 9

Surly Amy is on a mission to send as many women as she can to The Amazing Meeting 9 in Las Vegas this summer. How can you help? Buy a limited edition TAM9 surlyramic. Donate directly to the cause by going here. How can you apply to attend TAM9? If you’re female and (honestly) unable [Read More…]