Foundation Beyond Belief Website Goes Live

After months of lead up work, the pre-launch website for Foundation Beyond Belief is now live! What is FBB? As the site says, Foundation Beyond Belief is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational foundation created (1) to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity, and (2) to support a nationwide education and support program for humanist parents. [Read More...]

Blogging About Philanthropy and Humanism

When Foundation Beyond Belief (that’s the placeholder website) officially opens shop on January 1st, 2010, we’ll be needing bloggers to help us out. If you know an atheist/humanist who blogs brilliantly about the environment, poverty, peace, child welfare, animal protection, human rights, education, health, and/or general issues in philanthropy, please nominate by adding a link [Read More...]

Why Are You Excited About Foundation Beyond Belief?

Foundation Beyond Belief is a charity for atheists (I’m a board member). Our goals are to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity and to support a nationwide nonreligious parent education program. We’re putting together a promotional video and could use your help: Make a short video telling why you are excited or intrigued by the [Read More...]

Transformed by $26

Mojoey has a nice, short story on his site about how easy it can be to be generous and what that generosity can do for others: When he knocked on my door to ask for a loan, he said he needed cash to get across town to visit a free clinic. I gave him everything [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Paying for Religious Activities That He Doesn’t Believe In

Richard, We have a very close family friend that is like a second mother to our children. She is a devout Lutheran (Missouri Synod) and so are her children. They likely suspect I’m atheist, but we don’t ever talk about it. The only thing they know is that I don’t allow our children to attend [Read More...]