Support Girls’ Education in Namibia

Reader Greg is an atheist working for the Peace Corps, teaching math and physical science at a girls’ school in Namibia. Besides his in-class work, he’s also spreading the message to his colleagues and community members that it’s possible to be a non-Christian who does good deeds — an important statement to make in a [Read More…]

Greensboro Atheists Adopt and Clean a Highway

The Greensboro Atheist Organization adopted a highway recently, and the work they’re doing to keep the highway clean is just pretty damn cool and deserves some positive attention. Calvin Spealman, the co founder of the GAO, spent his morning climbing into ditches and digging out the nastiest of debris including condoms, a crack pipe, and [Read More…]

Atheists Helping the Homeless (#16)

Joe Zamecki and fellow atheists in Austin, Texas have been helping the homeless frequently over the past couple years and tomorrow is their 16th such giveaway. It’ll take place at 8:00 a.m. and all the details can be found here. Joe gave me a few more details in an email: We’ll have multiple birthday cakes [Read More…]

Food for Freethought 2010: Don’t Forget to Give

The Metro State Atheists in Colorado are running their annual Food for Freethought charity event next week! This is the event in which you give them non-perishable foods (which will be donated), and they’ll give you a banned book. It’s awesome. If you can donate food, books, or money, the relevant links can all be [Read More…]

Can You Help People Going to Haiti?

My friend (and Christian author) Anne Jackson is going to Haiti in November. It’s her second trip there — she was compelled to go back after she saw firsthand the post-earthquake devastation. She’s going with a group called To Write Love on Her Arms. While it may be a group of Christians going on the [Read More…]