The Atheist “Collection Plate”

The Foundation Beyond Belief is featured in Saturday’s New York Times! Within the next week or so, Mr. McGowan expects to cut checks for a total of $12,025, the first benefits collected and disbursed by the Foundation Beyond Belief. The foundation has 316 donors who each have committed to contributing $5 to $250 per month [Read More…]

Foundation Beyond Belief to Get Big Press

The Foundation Beyond Belief charity group I work with is slated to receive some great press in the near future. If all goes well, you’ll be reading about it in the New York Times tomorrow and the Chronicle of Philanthropy next week. Executive Director Dale McGowan also shares some fantastic news about how much money [Read More…]

Updates on the ACLU’s Rejection of an Atheist’s Money

If you haven’t seen it, the ACLU of Mississippi has apologized to the American Humanist Association for not accepting donor Todd Stiefel‘s donation. There are quotations and links to the aftermath on the original posting. Lots of good stuff, including soundbytes from the people involved in the story, ACLU national, and Stiefel himself. [Read more…]

ACLU Rejects Atheist’s Money

***Update***: The ACLU of Mississippi has apologized to the American Humanist Association. ***Update 2***: There are some choice quotations from this whole debacle: From the ACLU: A staff person at the ACLU of Mississippi made an error in judgment in sending an e-mail to the American Humanist Association expressing concerns about accepting its donation and [Read More…]

American Atheists and The Stiefel Challenge

Last year, activist Helen Mitzman made a $100,000 matching offer to American Atheists. Whatever they could raise in a year, up to that amount, she would personally match. American Atheists (and donors everywhere) met that challenge. It was so successful that philanthropist Todd Stiefel is matching the match! “I was really impressed by the Helen [Read More…]