How I’m Raising My Non-Religious Children in a Religious Community

As a secular family living in the South, this is what we do to help our children adjust.


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The Quintessential Book of Advice for Atheist Parents Just Got Bigger and Better

Of all the books I’ve recommended to readers over the years, one that I’ve kept coming back to — because it’s so reliable, interesting, and useful — is Dale McGowan‘s Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion. It’s a compilation of essays (written by several people) about how to tackle the various issues atheist parents have to deal with, a topic that I rarely saw addressed before this book came out. The newest edition of the book is even better than the original.


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The Problem with Grooming Kids Into Your Religious Faith

TheraminTrees shows us that if we treated other subjects the same way we treat religion, indoctrinating our kids into our way of thinking from the moment they’re born, it’d rightfully be considered wrong. Possibly abusive.

So why is the practice so accepted when it comes to religious mythology?


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My Son Asked Me: Does the President Have to Be Religious?

After hearing multiple references to God during this week’s speeches at the Democratic National Convention, my son asked me if being religious was a requirement to be President. I want to tell him no… but even I know that’s not exactly true.


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Gibraltar Court Rules That Catholic Mother Can’t Baptize Son Without Atheist Father’s Approval

It’s always tough to figure out how to raise a children when the parents are separated and have different religious beliefs. For a couple in Gibraltar, the conflict involved a Roman Catholic mother and an atheist father. They agreed to expose the child to their respective beliefs and leave it at that. But the mother recently arranged to get her son baptized¬†without consulting the father. Now what? It’s a question that the Supreme Court had to decide.


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