Introducing Mothers Beyond Belief

Noelle George has created a Facebook group for mothers to talk about parenting/pregnancy/etc from a secular perspective — it’s called Mothers Beyond Belief (and, in case you’re wondering, Foundation Beyond Belief is aware of the group’s name and fully supports it). Why join? Not that I have direct experience in the matter myself, but I [Read More…]

You Can Teach Values and Ethics Without Religion

Elizebeth Joy isn’t raising her children in any religious faith, but she’s teaching them a set of values that rivals anything you’ll ever find in a holy book: Be Kind and Gentle to everyone and everything. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Have love for humanity and the universe. Enjoy this life [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Mother Gets Unwelcome Religious Advice About Her Shy Son

Dear Richard, I recently shared concerns I have with my SIL about how my 10-year old son is having a terrible time trying to interact with the kids in our neighborhood. We just moved here so he doesn’t know anybody, and he literally runs away if approached. (We’re seeking professional help.) She was very supportive, [Read More…]

You Can’t Win When Kids Ask Questions

This isn’t going to end well… See the full strip for how that conversation went down. (Don’t forget the red dot!) It brings to mind comedian Louis CK‘s hilarious bit about children and the futility of answering their questions: You can’t win, even with the best of intentions… (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — thanks [Read More…]

We’re Ignoring Parents At Our Movement’s Own Risk

Regarding the topic of how to use our skepticism in more diverse ways, Dren Asselmeier at the Center for Inquiry offers a list of topics that atheist parents might find very relevant to talk about, but we rarely discuss them as a group: Why do the atheist, freethought, and skeptical movements seem to completely ignore [Read More…]