What Would You Include in a Secular “Baptism” Ceremony?

I received an email from a father on behalf of his wife and 14-month-old daughter. They never baptized their baby and the grandparents are not too happy: … I find the idea of something as innocent as a baby needing to be cleansed and purified of the sins of her (non-existent) ancient ancestors through an [Read More…]

Too Soon To Learn About Santa Claus?

Two days in a row dealing with one-year-old babies. Hmm…. Reader Jay and his friend are both atheists. The friend’s daughter is turning 1 and he plans to eventually teach his daughter to be skeptical of the world around her and to “not have religion blinders on” as she grows up. Sounds like a plan, [Read More…]

How Do Atheists Celebrate the Birth of a Baby?

Reader Jonna had a baby a year ago, but she was also moving into a new house at the time and never had a baby shower or any sort of party when the baby was born. Now, her daughter is turning 1 and she’d like to celebrate. … There has never been any kind of [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Praying at the Table Breaks an Engagement

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. I will try to make this short; I am a non-believer (atheist). I recently got engaged to get married with the mother (Christian) of my son, I have known her for over 3 years. She as always known that I am an atheist, and our [Read More…]

Atheist Parent Sends Children to Religious Preschool

At Rational Moms, mother Aerin explains why she and her husband sent their twins to a religious preschool despite neither parent being actively religious: Because the program was associated to a church, it was significantly less expensive than other programs. It was also NAEYC accredited (National Association for the Education of Young Children). The teachers [Read More…]