Starting a Camp Quest in Texas

If you build it, they will come. Amie Parsons, an atheist, couldn’t find any good summer camp for her child to go to, so she began a Camp Quest of her own! “It’s just a camp, for kids, who want to have a camp experience without having the religious dogma placed upon them,” she said. [Read More…]

How to Teach Children About God

Children are prone to ask questions like this: 4-year-old boy: Mom, is God real? The mom’s response is entertaining. Better than forcing an answer onto the child as if it were true, I suppose. (Thanks to Justin for the link!) [Read more…]

Should You Hide the Truth About Santa Claus?

A reader (K) recently had a conversation in which Santa Claus came up. K said that Santa Claus wasn’t real. It wasn’t a big deal or anything at the time, but she worries about what would’ve happened if other parents were around, heard it, and complained. What if their children were present? K writes: My [Read More…]

What If Your Child Becomes Religious?

Is this every atheist parent’s worst nightmare? Imagine your child grows up to be an evangelical Christian or Scientologist! Dale McGowan explains how to handle this situation: As usual, Dale holds a view that I would hope others do, too. There’s a difference between fundamentalist faith and an intelligent theist who accepts the world (and [Read More…]

Why You Should Lie To Your Children

Dale McGowan makes a case for why parents should (in moderation and for a purpose) lie to their children in his latest column for Humanist Network News: When my youngest asked, “How far away is the Sun?”, I said, “Twenty feet,” precisely so she would look at me and say, “Dad, you dork!!” When my [Read More…]