Advice for Atheists Raising Babies

It comes from a non-mother, but Laci‘s advice for atheist parents is still worth hearing: Her advice in a nutshell: 1. Raise children with a cultured understanding of world religions 2. Explain your own viewpoint and WHY (danger of religion) 3. Make sure an array of resources/information are available. Encourage education! 4. Try to take [Read More…]

When Children Become Christians, Should They Proselytize to Their Parents?

Last week, I mentioned newly-atheist parents who have still-religious children. Reader Jon informed me of a slightly different situation his girlfriend is experiencing: She is 47 and has been an atheist her whole life. Her daughter is 26 and is a born again Christian. She constantly pressures her mother to convert. There is no chance [Read More…]

When Parents Become Atheists, What Should They Tell the Kids?

I tend to think of only younger people becoming atheists — sometimes between the ages of 13 and 16 — and it jolts me a bit every time someone tells me they lost their faith when they were 30 or 40. I don’t know how they deal with it. It’s such a major change. Similarly, [Read More…]