Atheist’s Lullaby

This is sweet — a lullaby for atheist parents, from Vastleft and Kevin Hammer. Sadly, the baby makes it through the end of the song in one piece: The lyrics (as I can understand them): Go to sleep, There is no god. Life is complex, Sometimes odd. But your daddy always loves you. No sky [Read More…]

The Logic of Children

Reader PrimeNumbers informs me that his daughter is quite the logician. Look what she came up with: Magic is not real. God is magic. Therefore, God is not real. Not too shabby for a four-year-old. Most atheists I know didn’t figure that out until they were teenagers. What other logical statements have your children impressed [Read More…]

Would You Allow Christians To Pray Over Your Baby?

There are plenty of reasons not to shop at Walmart. This one won’t be found in any documentary, though. Atheist Kelly went to get some groceries and other goods with her husband and baby LuLu in tow. While there, a lady walked right up to the couple and their 15-week-old child. After saying what a [Read More…]

Is the Tooth Fairy Like God?

Soren is a six-year-old boy who didn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy (“What would a fairy do with all those teeth anyway?” he asked). But once he discovered there was an exchange of money for his baby teeth, he bought into the fiction completely. Here, we have a story that is obviously irrational, but once [Read More…]

Atheist Parenting Group Makes News in North Carolina

Here’s a very positive article by Yonat Shimron of The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC about atheist parents gathering together each week to share wisdom and ideas on how to raise children. These parents know what it’s like to fumble for the right answer to questions such as “Why don’t we go to church?” [Read More…]