Last Chance to Sign Up for Skeptical Summer Camps

It’s not too late to sign your child up for a summer camp! Both Camp Quest (six locations in the US) and Camp Inquiry (Holland, NY) offer fantastic experiences for the children of atheist parents. If you get a chance to send your child to either, you’ll be doing them a favor. To quote David [Read More…]

Should Atheists Parents Stop Their Kids From Mocking Religion?

Here’s an interesting dilemma: Atheists spend a lot of time poking fun at religion and its many irrational beliefs. If you have kids, you want them to be critical thinkers… so what do you do if they end up making fun of the same things you do? Do you let them do it? Or do [Read More…]

Advice for Atheists Raising Babies

It comes from a non-mother, but Laci‘s advice for atheist parents is still worth hearing: Her advice in a nutshell: 1. Raise children with a cultured understanding of world religions 2. Explain your own viewpoint and WHY (danger of religion) 3. Make sure an array of resources/information are available. Encourage education! 4. Try to take [Read More…]

When Children Become Christians, Should They Proselytize to Their Parents?

Last week, I mentioned newly-atheist parents who have still-religious children. Reader Jon informed me of a slightly different situation his girlfriend is experiencing: She is 47 and has been an atheist her whole life. Her daughter is 26 and is a born again Christian. She constantly pressures her mother to convert. There is no chance [Read More…]

When Parents Become Atheists, What Should They Tell the Kids?

I tend to think of only younger people becoming atheists — sometimes between the ages of 13 and 16 — and it jolts me a bit every time someone tells me they lost their faith when they were 30 or 40. I don’t know how they deal with it. It’s such a major change. Similarly, [Read More…]