Reza Aslan and Jessica Jackley Describe How They Make Their Interfaith Marriage Work

In a recent TEDx talk, Reza Aslan and Jessica Jackley discussed how marriages between people of different religious beliefs (including atheists) are happening more often, how and why they can work, and how they’re handling the differences with their own kids.

(Yes, I know Aslan doesn’t have a lot of fans on this site. But this is still a really good talk.)


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What Do Religious People Want To Know About Atheists?

There are several questions on this Reddit thread worth skipping, but some of them led to great responses.

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The Value of Crossing the “Difference Divide” Between People in Different Tribes

For those of you who have followed this website since it’s inception, you may be interested in seeing this TEDx talk by my one-time “soul-buyer” Jim Henderson. He’s a Christian who has always had the long-term goal of conversation over conversion, and this talk is all about how he makes that happen:


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Bishop John Shelby Spong’s Takedown of Religious Nonsense

At the American Humanist Association’s conference last month in Chicago, attendees kept telling me that the speech given by Bishop John Shelby Spong was the highlight of the event. Spong is a retired Episcopal bishop known for his liberal stances.

That speech is now online and it’s fantastic. It begins at the 7:53 mark below:


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Atheist Laments Silence from Interfaith Groups on LGBT Discrimination

Dr. James Croft is the leader of a Humanist congregation and does plenty of interfaith work. Both of those things are contentious to various degrees even among atheists, but he does an excellent job in both areas. He’s a great liaison to have on our side.

That’s why it’s really interesting to hear him vent a bit about the biggest frustration he has with interfaith work — and it has nothing to do with his atheism:


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