Is Atheism Intolerant?

The Big Questions is a BBC show that tackles you-know-what. A recent episode asked: Is atheism an intolerant belief? Forget the immediate answer (“No”) for just a moment and watch how the dialogue happens: Reader Tony summarized the entire video this way: Although some of the comments by the religious participants essentially amount to “You [Read More...]

An Atheist Responds to a Christian’s Questions

It’s rare I read an interview where every question is interesting and the responses are even better. Internetmonk interviewed atheist Valerie Tarico and the exchange is great reading for both religious and non-religious people. Specifically, the interview is aimed at evangelical Christians. Internetmonk lays out why that is: 1. Evangelicals are constantly mischaracterizing non-theists. We [Read More...]

Christian Company Receives Brilliant Smackdown from a Polite Atheist

Dale McGowan‘s working on a website for Foundation Beyond Belief, an organization that will focus on humanist generosity and allow for charitable giving from atheists. One web design firm Dale looked into sent him this letter in response to his inquiry: Hi Dale, I appreciate the time you took to fill out our website questionnaire. [Read More...]

An Atheist and a Christian: A Love Story… Update!

I wrote about Kate and Erik a while back — they’re the atheist and Christian couple who found a way to make their relationship work. Both comment on this site frequently. There’s a bit of an update… They’re engaged! I take full credit, of course. (The first child better be named Hemant.) Congratulations to them [Read more...]

Who’s More Effective at De-Converting Christians?

There’s a fantastic interview with Zach Weiner, the man behind Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, at The Freethinker. And it features one of my favorite SMBC comics: Here’s the exchange that stood out to me the most: FT: There has recently been a change of tone in the discourse surrounding religion, with the so-called New Atheists [Read More...]