An Atheistic “Christian” Writes About Community in a Church

There’s a segment of Humanists that has tried (with varying degrees of success) to create local communities around the country — promoting “Sunday schools” for atheists and whatnot. The idea behind it is that “organized atheism” might not be an oxymoron and could actually be useful in helping advance our ideas. Robert Jensen couldn’t find [Read More...]

How to Handle a Christian Audience Member

The Knoxville News Sentinel‘s Jessie Pounds has an article about American Atheists president Ed Buckner speaking to a local atheist group. At first glance, nothing seems particular striking in the article, but I did catch one bit that made me do a double-take. I suspect very few Christians were in the audience for an event [Read More...]

A Church’s Missed Opportunity

When I heard about the following program at PromiseLand West church in Austin, Texas, I got excited: I love it when churches do this! They are asking which side of their theological spectrum makes more sense — belief or non-belief in God. Of course they’re going to say belief makes more sense. But it’s a [Read More...]

Ten Tips for Christian Evangelists (Courtesy of Atheists)

SarahH began this list on the Friendly Atheist Forums and many others have contributed to it. It’s a list of the Top Ten Tips for Christian Evangelists. The purpose is not to make the conversion of atheists easier. Rather, it’s to make the Christians who do this sort of thing more tolerable (since we have [Read More...]

My Non-Debate with a Christian Pastor (Reloaded)

I posted before about my non-debate with a Christian pastor. (Jay Gamelin and I took questions from the audience — via moderators — and talked about faith and atheism and politics and stereotypes and all things entertaining.) A longer video of the event is now available. It’s broken up into two parts but you can [Read More...]