A Couple Events in Chicago This Weekend

For atheists near Chicago, there are a couple events in the city you might be interested in this weekend. Friday night, PZ Myers is coming to town to participate in a panel discussion on God and morality and how they shape our world. He’ll be joined by Communist Sunsara Taylor and Catholic priest Bob Bossie. [Read More…]

Video of Atheist/Christian Panel Discussion

Back in February, I participated in a panel discussion about atheism and Christianity along with my friends Ashley Paramore (atheist) and Jon Weyer (Christian). It took place at a conference called Jubilee. There’s finally video of the discussion — check it out and let us know what you think: As with any event like this [Read More…]

Heading to Pittsburgh for a Christian Conference

I’m off to Pittsburgh tonight for the (Christian) Jubilee conference! Ashley will be there, too. She made a video explaining our panel discussion and asks a couple great questions: Since we’re speaking in front of several hundred young Christians, what are the things you want us to tell them? And what should we refrain from [Read More…]

A Yelp for Churches

Jim Henderson is the man who “bought my soul” on eBay a few years ago. The reason he bid on my auction in the first place is because he loved the idea of “unchurched” people going to church and sharing their experiences. Jim would take those filled-out surveys and share them with the pastors of [Read More…]

Speaking at a Christian Conference

This finally went up on their website so I feel comfortable announcing it. Ashley Paramore and some guy named Hermant are speaking at the (Christian) Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh this February. We’ll be participating in a panel discussion between Christians and atheists. (I apologize in advance for the music playing in the background of the [Read More…]