After writing about the Boot Protest against nomad campus preacher Brother Jed, reader JT from Missouri State University let me know how his campus handled Jed when he stopped by for a visit. They used the opportunity to raise money for Heifer International. Brother Jed even played along, which was pretty decent of him… If [Read More…]

Now, We Can All Review Churches

***Update***: The story appeared on the Chicago Tribune’s front page (at the bottom): And if you turn the pages to read the rest of the story…? Freaky, no? The folding of my shirt as I lean over makes my body look oddly-shapen. Oh well. Still kinda cool! … I’ve mentioned ChurchRater before — it’s a [Read More…]

My Night at Moody Church

Saturday night, I visited the Moody Church (a typically conservative place) in downtown Chicago to participate in a dialogue with members of a youth group there known as The Venue. This is the third in a series of events where they invite people to speak to them about communities that Christians don’t have a great [Read More…]

A Couple Events in Chicago This Weekend

For atheists near Chicago, there are a couple events in the city you might be interested in this weekend. Friday night, PZ Myers is coming to town to participate in a panel discussion on God and morality and how they shape our world. He’ll be joined by Communist Sunsara Taylor and Catholic priest Bob Bossie. [Read More…]

Video of Atheist/Christian Panel Discussion

Back in February, I participated in a panel discussion about atheism and Christianity along with my friends Ashley Paramore (atheist) and Jon Weyer (Christian). It took place at a conference called Jubilee. There’s finally video of the discussion — check it out and let us know what you think: As with any event like this [Read More…]