Christian Wife Asks For Prayers For Her Newly Atheist Husband. Can This Marriage Be Saved?

When Redditor LolHSV got married, he and his wife were both about “56 percent religious,” he says. Since then, his religiosity has sunk to the point where he now considers himself an atheist. Hers, in response, has increased to the point where she temporarily left her godless husband and stayed with her religious parents. She didn’t return until LolHSV threw Genesis 2:24 at her:

Leave thy father and mother and cleave unto thy wife, and the two shall become one flesh.

Clever move, but now what? The religious strife between them hasn’t abated. Yesterday, his spouse submitted a prayer request at church. This one:

OP_prayer reuyest

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Catholic Bishop: We Must Stand Up for Persecuted Atheists All Over the World

Well, I’ll be damned.

Bishop Declan Lang, the chair of the UK-based Catholic Bishops’ Conference Department for International Affairs, has gone on record asking fellow Catholics to defend persecuted atheists. Seriously.


Referring to atheists like Ahmed Rajib Haider who have been jailed or murdered for their thought-crimes, Lang writes that Catholics have a duty to stand up for freedom of belief, even when they disagree:

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Freethinker Group Holds “Ask an Atheist” Panel Discussion

On the evening of November 21st, the Antelope Valley Freethinkers (AVF) in Lancaster, California held an open panel of five atheists to answer anyone’s questions about atheism, agnosticism, Humanism, and other issues around religion. I was very honored to be invited to participate on the panel. We were hosted by the Center for Spiritual Living. AVF President David Dionne described it this way:

This isn’t a debate with winners and losers; it’s an opportunity to address biases and misconceptions, and promote better understanding and acceptance of nonbelievers through civil discourse. Our goal is that everyone who participates will come away with something positive and affirming. Consider bringing a religious friend or two!

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Texas Pastor Holds Public Dialogue with Atheist Couple to Counter Stereotypes and Misconceptions

Credit where it’s due: Pastor Doug Kriz of Grace Christian Church in McKinney, Texas wanted his congregation to get to know atheists in their community. Not to preach to them — not yet, anyway — but to understand why they might disagree with Christian beliefs and to break down the stereotypes.

To do that, he had a public conversation with two local atheists. No shouting. No preaching. Just a chance to hear Kyle and Janie Oyakawa‘s stories firsthand.

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How is Your Atheist/Christian Relationship Going?

An interesting thread appeared on Ask Reddit yesterday. Christians who date atheists (and vice versa) were asked about their situations: How did they meet? How’s it going? Etc.

Some of the highlights:

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