For This Father of a Premature Baby, “I’m Praying For You” Sounds Like an Insult

When your baby is born a couple of weeks early, you might expect to see a slightly lower-than-average height and weight, but it probably won’t be a big deal in the long run.

Kevin Davis‘ baby was born 12 weeks early and currently sits in a neonatal intensive care unit. He says things are getting better, but “the experience has been draining — physically, emotionally, and financially.”


Kevin is an atheist, and he writes at Secular Voices about how one of the more frustrating aspects of this whole ordeal has been everyone telling him they’re praying for his son.

He understands they mean well, but he also knows damn well that God isn’t helping the situation:

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From Our “Atheists Eating Babies” Desk

[Caution: graphic images ahead. Of, um, cakes.]

As an atheist, I didn’t really feel part of the club until I ate a baby for the first time. It was moist and sweet and delicious.

Like all of Katherine Dey‘s cakes.

Actually, I don’t know that (I made it all up), but this is true: Dey is a cake artist and a nurse in Rochester. I trust she is a level-headed medical professional, but as a baker she is a tad unhinged, in a fun, schlocky, Wes Craven / Tom Six kind of way.

I love (looking at) her masterful cakes. But since they’re not for the squeamish, I’ll ease you into it, and show a fairly innocuous one (oops, unless you’re a Muslim or a practicing Jew, I guess) before graduating to, well, newborns.


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The Baby Never Stops Crying

In my latest piece for Cosmo, I explain all the reasons my baby cries.

Turns out hunger, diaper, and sleep are only the beginning.


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This Will Help You Atheists Find Religion

Cartoonist Jim Benton gets it:


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People Magazine Removes Article with Kristin Cavallari’s Unsafe Recipe for Goat’s Milk Baby Formula

Kristin Cavallari, a celebrity who’s basically famous for being famous, writes in her new book Balancing in Heels that she fed her newborn baby a kind of homemade formula that included goat’s milk. It’s the latest in a string of awful decisions that includes not vaccinating her children because she fears they’ll become autistic (a link that’s never ever ever been found).


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