Baby at the Bus Stop

The first two panels are below. Try guessing the punchline of the third panel of this comic from AmazingSuperPowers… Click here to see if you’re right… There. You are now thoroughly disturbed for the day. (Thanks to Tom for the link!) [Read more...]

Why Are So Many Evangelical Christians Pregnant?

When you found out that Sarah Palin‘s underage daughter, Bristol Palin, got knocked up, what was your reaction? Were you surprised? Did you want to denounce the mother for her hypocrisy? Did you want to say “I told you so” to anyone who supported abstinence-only sex education? Another question: What was your reaction when you [Read More...]

Homemade Baby

I had no idea they had to be refrigerated… I’ve been hoarding mine in the closet this whole time. I should’ve known better. (via Fail Blog) [Read more...]

The Scariest Halloween Costume

I’m frightened. Very frightened. I think I might have nightmares. All I need to do is borrow a baby and I’ll be all set. [Read more...]

Maybe I Shouldn’t Be a Vegetarian Anymore…

Mmm…Lobster. Ok, I understand the costume… but the pot? That’s genius. (Thanks to Airi for the link!) [Read more...]