The Story of Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates (Abridged)

It’s easy to mock religious ideas, but you can’t do it effectively unless you understand what the followers of those faiths really believe. A new book aims to simplify Mormonism so that people unfamiliar with it will understand the stories that make up the religion’s foundation.


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How an Atheist Activist Found a Way to Herd Cats and Get a Seat at the Political Table

Over the course of an activist career that has included running for governor from South Carolina and helping create the Secular Coalition for America, Herb Silverman has never been content to merely promote his beliefs from a keyboard. He takes action in any way he can. His new book An Atheist Stranger in a Strange Religious Land compiles several essays he’s written on the subjects of politics, race, and culture.


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Are Faith-Based Prison Ministries Doing More Harm Than Good for the Inmates?

A new book describes the pros and cons of Christian ministries in prisons. What do they provide for inmates and are they doing more harm than good?


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Why Jesus Dying for Our Sins Makes No Sense At All

If He came back to life three days later, didn’t Jesus just have a really crappy weekend for our sins?


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NC District Pulls Book About Gender-Nonconforming Boy After Pressure from Religious “Values” Group

You’d think a book teaching kids not to bully those who are different from them would get universal praise.

But because the victim of the bullying in this book is a gender-nonconforming boy, a faith-based “family values” group pressured a NC school district to stop using it.


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