Creationist Ken Ham Does Unspeakable Things with a T. Rex in This Erotic Novel

You didn’t know¬†the book existed until this moment, and now you’ll never be able to get it out of your head…


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Podcast Ep. 163: Maggie Rowe, Actress and Author of Sin Bravely

I spoke with her about the “spiritual terrorism” of teaching kids about Hell, what someone with a Christian upbringing notices in a comedy writers’ room, and how long it took to finally overcome her faith-based guilt.


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We Can’t Ignore the Racism of the Most Famous Humanists in American History

In his powerful new book When Colorblindness Isn’t the Answer: Humanism and the Challenge of Race, Dr. Anthony Pinn makes the case for why Humanists have failed to “provide a more compelling alternative to theism” for various minority groups and how we can change that. It begins by admitting that our own heroes had serious flaws on matters of race.


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A Former Fundamentalist Describes How He Used to Think His Church (and Only His Church) Was Right

Lewis Vaughn was raised as a fundamentalist Christian. He eventually became a “disillusioned agnostic” before calling himself an atheist. In his new memoir, he walks us through that process of deconversion.

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Ray Comfort Wrote a Book About His Infamous Banana Video

The book’s not out until September 1, but Ray Comfort sent me an advance copy of Banana Man. It’s all about his infamous argument about how a banana is the atheist’s worst nightmare, and what happened after that video went viral.


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