Ken Ham is Writing a Tell-All Book About His Debate with Bill Nye

Ken Ham still thinks we’re all talking about his debate with Bill Nye.

Seriously. He thinks we’re all rethinking evolution because of stuff he said.

And he’s finally getting around to writing a tell-all book that will impress nobody.

I can’t believe he didn’t call it I Was There


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An Atheist-Turned-Christian Believes He Can Get You To Reconsider God’s Existence

We know that demographic trends show a rising percentage of Nones in America. People are dropping their religious labels faster than ever before, and that’s a cause for concern for many church leaders and churchgoers.

Shane Hayes is an Christian who believes he can reach out to atheists in a way that’s far more effective than the usual breed of apologists — Good luck with that — in part because he used to be an atheist, too.

His new book, out this week, is called The End of Unbelief: A new approach to the question of God (Leafwood Publishers, 2014):

In the excerpt below, Hayes makes what he calls an Agnostic argument for faith:

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The Problem with the Fine-Tuning Argument: An Excerpt from Victor Stenger’s Last Book God and the Multiverse

Before he suddenly died two weeks ago, Dr. Victor J. Stenger was cranking out large books every year, tackling topics both large (the universe) and small (atoms).

His final book (as far as we know) is officially released today. It’s called God and the Multiverse: Humanity’s Expanding View of the Cosmos and Stenger, as always, makes difficult concepts accessible to those of us without strong science backgrounds.

The excerpt below, reprinted with permission of Prometheus Books, explains and thoroughly dismantles the “fine-tuning argument.” (I’ve excluded footnotes.)

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A Guide to Better Prose

Reading a book about how to write sounds downright awful, but if Steven Pinker‘s the author, I’ll finish the whole thing the day it’s released like it’s a magical eighth Harry Potter book. The Sense of Style comes out at the end of the month and Pinker explains the premise in the video below:

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You Don’t Need God to Experience Spirituality

In today’s edition of the New York Times, columnist Frank Bruni raves about Sam Harris‘ new book Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion because it offers a secular explanation of experiences people commonly attribute to a higher power:

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