A New Book Documents Hate Mail Sent by Christians to Military-Focused Church/State Separation Group

If you live in Los Angeles, keep an eye out for this mobile billboard around town beginning today:

That provocative billboard is part of an advertising campaign for a forthcoming book by Bonnie Weinstein, co-founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, called To the Far Right Christian Hater… You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both (Rare Bird Books, 2014). (The generous subtitle is: Official Hate Mail, Threats, and Criticism from the Archives of the Six-Time Nobel Peace Prize-Nominated Military Religious Freedom Foundation.)

It’s a compilation of hate mail that has been directed at the group and the author’s husband Mikey Weinstein over the years.

In the excerpt below, Bonnie documents the kinds of letters MRFF receives and how they affect her personally:

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A Grief Workbook for Atheists Dealing with Death

After Carol Fiore‘s husband died, she, like so many atheists who have lost a loved one, struggled to deal with the grief because all the resources out there were aimed at religious people.

Now, she’s written A Grief Workbook for Skeptics: Surviving Loss without Religion, a helpful guide for atheists going through the toughest of times, so they don’t feel so isolated.

In the excerpt below, reprinted with permission from the author, Fiore talks about how to respond to words of “consolation” that are really not helpful at all:

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What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

Steve Wells is the author of the brilliant Skeptics Annotated Bible website. Last year, he published a print version of the site, which I said was the best book of the year.

He wrote another book last year, too, documenting all the people God kills in the Bible. It was called Drunk with Blood.

Now, he’s back with a new book (I don’t know how he does it) all about what the Bible says about homosexuality. It’s called Strange Flesh:

In the excerpt below, Wells explains the so-called “Clobber Verses” and how conservative and liberal Christians interpret them:

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In New Book, Russell Brand Says Richard Dawkins Is a Proponent of “Atheistic Tyranny” For Rejecting the Supernatural

Last year, the comedy actor and activist Russell Brand did an eleven-minute interview with BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman that was a bit of Rorschach test of one’s political sensibilities. Brand had full-scale political revolution on the brain, and he talked less than coherently on the matter, clearly exasperating the more practical (and more jaded) Paxman.

Scores of moderate and right-leaning pundits found Brand confounding and lacking in intellectual heft. Many on the left, however, thought the interview was a thrilling example of someone finally speaking truth to power, possibly heralding a beautiful dawning of the Age of Aquarius Anti-Capitalism.

The excitement transcended national borders, with the YouTube clip

… being passed hand to virtual hand among Scandinavian intellectuals like a samizdat copy of Solzhenitsyn behind the iron curtain,

… in the memorable phrasing of David Runciman.

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What Would Your (Secular) Ten Commandments Be? Your Answers Could Be Worth Up To $10,000

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from a new book called Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart: Rewriting the Ten Commandments for the Twenty-first Century by Lex Bayer (a Silicon Valley entrepreneur) and John Figdor (the Humanist chaplain at Stanford University).

In conjunction with the book launch, they’re also running a contest in which you can win a lot of money — up to $10,000 — by telling them what would be included in your personal Ten Commandments.

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