Podcast Ep. 112: Dr. Elizabeth Drescher, Author of Choosing Our Religion

Our latest podcast guest is Dr. Elizabeth Drescher, author of Choosing Our Religion: The Spiritual Lives of America’s Nones.


Dr. Drescher is a professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University and the author of several books.

We spoke with her about what atheist “spirituality” really means, the problem with the language we use to talk about faith, and how religion is no longer being passed down generation after generation.

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Greta Christina’s Latest Book Explores Life as an Atheist

After writing books about why you’d want to be an atheist, how to come out as one, and how to deal with death, it seems appropriate that Greta Christina‘s latest book is about how to live your life without God.

It’s called The Way of the Heathen: Practicing Atheism in Everyday Life (Pitchstone Publishing, 2016):


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There’s An Emoji Bible for People Who Think “God Did Magic” Is Too Intellectually Stimulating

Congratulations, America.

The Bible was too difficult for you to read, so someone had to make you the Bible Emoji: Scripture 4 Millenials.

Because you can’t even spell “Millennials” right.


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Podcast Ep. 110: Chrystine Trooien, Author of Christian Mythology for Kids

Our latest podcast guest is Chrystine Trooien, author of Christian Mythology for Kids.


Trooien is an eco-conscious, secular, vegan mother based out of Hawaii. About a year ago, she launched a Kickstarter campaign for a book called Christian Mythology for Kids. It’s essentially a book that explains the stories of the Bible as just that: Stories. They don’t disparage religion, and they don’t pretend any of it is real, either. They read just like Greek mythology — with beautiful illustrations by artist Christopher Zakrzewski to boot. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your children to these characters without indoctrinating them in the faith.

We spoke with Trooien about why it’s important to teach kids these stories objectively, how she handled stories with no redeeming message, and whether she’ll continue the series with other religions.

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The Bible is #2 on This List of the Best Books Ever. Guess What’s #1?

What’s the greatest book of all time?

It obviously depends on what measure you’re using: Most influential? Most copies sold? Most popular? You might get different answers each time.

Given all that, the folks at Priceonomics decided to create their own Best Books Ever list by compiling data from the popular website Goodreads:

Rather than collect the rating for every single book, we chose to collect data on the ten most popular books by each of the 9,000 authors who appear on Goodreads’ Best Books Ever list — a list which is independent of user ratings and voted on by particularly active members. We ended up with a dataset of over 23,000 notable books.

What they found was that the Bible — specifically the ESV Study Bible — came in at #2. It was beaten by this masterpiece:


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