Ken Ham Says New Evolution Book for Kids is a Form of Childhood Indoctrination

I recently posted about Grandmother Fish, a children’s book designed to teach basic concepts of evolution to pre-schoolers.

Creationist Ken Ham is furious about this because he considers the book a form of indoctrination. Because teaching kids how science works goes against everything Ham stands for:

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A Former Jehovah’s Witness Shares His Journey from Abuse to Escape

Bo Juel left the Jehovah’s Witnesses when he was 23, after the elder who molested him as a child was invited back to the church for the third time. For his decision, Juel was Disfellowshipped by his family, including his physically abusive stepfather. He was also forbidden from ever seeing his own daughter (and, since that time, his two grandsons).

He eventually become one of the founders of Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses, a group that sheds light on human rights violations within the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

He just released a memoir called The Least of God’s Priorities (Exodus Publishing, 2015), and it’s a moving look at his journey both in and out of the Witnesses.

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A Skeptic Translates the Book of Genesis (“Begats” Included)

Studies show that most Christians don’t actually read their Holy Book very often. Atheists tend to be more familiar with the Bible which, for many, is the reason they’re atheists in the first place. It’s a book that is often boring, confusing, disturbing, and contradictory. Even dedicated scholars can’t agree on how it should be translated. Pastors like to pick their favorite verses for a sermon rather than confront the Bible as a whole.

Micah Edwards tackles those issues in his entertaining book Okay, So Look: A Humorous Retelling of the Book of Genesis (Annorlunda Books, 2015).

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Richard Dawkins Chats with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

If you missed it last night because of the baseball games or debate, Richard Dawkins appeared on the Daily Show to chat with Trevor Noah about his new book Brief Candle in the Dark:

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Mike Huckabee Makes Up Founding Father Quotations to Support Religion in Government

Anyone who knows anything about the Internet knows that you should probably double check before sharing a meme with a quotation. That Marilyn Monroe quip? Probably not one of her missives. That platitude from Gandhi? I doubt he said it. It’s become the golden rule of responsible social sharing: fact check yourself before you wreck yourself.

We all make mistakes in this arena now and then, but such is life in the digital era. But there’s a difference between a meme you’re not supposed to think much about and a book that’s supposed to have a longer shelf life. If you’re writing a book defending your personal philosophy, incorrect attribution or inaccurate phrasing is a little less forgivable. But flat-out making up quotations to support your argument? That takes a special kind of liar.

Which brings us to Mike Huckabee.

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