Did Jesus Really Exist? This Book Series Says He’s “Mything in Action”

What evidence is actually out there to support the idea that a real, singular Jesus ever existed? And how much of it is credible? That’s the premise behind David Fitzgerald’s new three-book series.


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Podcast Ep. 153: Bart Campolo, Co-Author of Why I Left, Why I Stayed

Our latest podcast guest is Bart Campolo, the Humanist Chaplain at the Univ. of Southern California, host of a fantastic podcast called “Humanize Me,” and author of a new book written with his evangelical father Tony Campolo called Why I Left, Why I Stayed.


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An Evangelical Icon’s Son Left the Faith; Now They’ve Written a Book Discussing Their Differences

What happens when an evangelical Christian leader’s son turns out to be an atheist? Tony and Bart Campolo have written a book discussing their differences — and how they refuse to let their beliefs get in the way of their love for each other.


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Philip Pullman Will Soon Publish “Companion” Books to the “His Dark Materials” Trilogy

More than twenty years after Philip Pullman published his trilogy His Dark Materials, the author has announced a new “companion” set of books.


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Podcast Ep. 148: Dr. Daniel Dennett, Author of From Bacteria to Bach and Back

I spoke with him about why our minds are like a loaded iPhone, what we would do if the internet broke, and his new art exhibit.


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