Why Do Many Atheists Still Eat Animals?

If you’re a Humanist, and you believe all living beings are near or distant cousins — branches of a larger evolutionary tree — how does that impact your diet? How does that change how you treat animals?

Kim Socha believes animal liberation is a direct extension of her non-religious philosophy, and her new book Animal Liberation and Atheism (Freethought House, 2014) is all about why we need to pay more attention to this subject.

An excerpt from the book’s introduction is below:

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Bill Nye’s Forthcoming Book About Evolution

I’ll just put this here so you can all drool over it:

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WaPo Reporter Gene Weingarten, a Pulitzer Prize Winner, Wrote “Me & Dog,” a Children’s Book on Godlessness

I consider the Washington Post‘s Gene Weingarten to be one of the best journalists in the country. He jumped onto my radar screen five years ago, with a truly gut-wrenching feature article about distracted parents who leave their young child in the car without realizing it, with tragic consequences.

Another story of his, a lovely tribute to aging dogs and how they process their memories, is equally unforgettable.

Others value his talents at least as much as I do — Weingarten is the recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes.

Today I learned that he is also an atheist (although that particular “secret” was out years ago; I just missed it). More importantly, he isn’t going to take the incessant Christian drumbeat in the U.S.A. lying down anymore. After Weingarten noticed the ocean of religious books for children, and the paucity of atheism-themed kids’ books, Weingarten penned Me and Dog, a riff on power and religion. Here’s the Amazon description:

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A Book About Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible

I want Jerry Coyne‘s new book: Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible. Now. But apparently I have to wait several months since it’s not out till May…

Doesn’t mean I can’t pre-order it many times over.

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We Understand That the “Fittest” Survive, but How Did They Get That Way in the First Place?

How do random mutations in our genes really create the kind of diversity of life we see in the world today? Charles Darwin certainly had no idea, since the genetic revolution happened long after he died.

Now, researcher and evolutionary biologist Dr. Andreas Wagner has written a book explaining how life can adapt in a way that’s much faster than simple random variations. It’s called Arrival of the Fittest:

In the excerpt below, Wagner explains the concept of the “Universal Library”:

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