The Necessity of Secularism

Not every major conflict in the world is based in religion, but far too many of them are, and it’s time we realized the importance of secularism as a requirement for democracy, civil rights, and freedom of conscience. That’s the argument advanced by Center for Inquiry President Ron Lindsay in his new book The Necessity of Secularism: Why God Can’t Tell Us What to Do (Pitchstone Publishing, 2014):

In the excerpt below, Lindsay talks about the prejudice against atheists:

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The Best Atheist Books of 2014

For the past several years, we’ve seen a large number of atheism-related books hit the market. Unlike the books written by the “New Atheists,” however, the more recent releases aren’t just about why you should stop believing in God or how religion is bad. They cover different aspects of atheism and cater to a variety of audiences.

Last year, I put together a list of my favorite books of the year and I’m excited to do it again now. These are the books I’ll be referencing for years to come and the ones I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to explore faith with a critical eye.

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You Think There Are Monsters Under Your Bed? Prove it

This is a neat Kickstarter project: A children’s book all about how there aren’t any monsters under your bed. I think it’s a metaphor for something… If you like what you see, you can support the project here. (Thanks to Nicole for the link) [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 30: Phil Zuckerman, Author of Living the Secular Life

Our latest podcast guest is Phil Zuckerman, a professor of sociology and secular studies — yes, secular studies — at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is the author of several books about atheism, including Society Without God and Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion.

In a couple of weeks, he’ll be releasing a book called Living the Secular Life.

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Bible Edges Out Darwin in U.K. Poll About “Valuable Books,” but Reason and Science Dominate the Top 10

Which book is most valuable to humanity? Predictably but depressingly, even in the rapidly secularizing British Isles, the most common answer is the Bible.

The Bible has been voted more valuable to humanity than Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by the British public. The Folio Society survey conducted by YouGov asked members of the public to name the books of most significance for the modern world.

A total of 2,044 adult respondents were asked to pick the three most important books from a list of 30. The resulting Top 10 looks like this:

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