Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 19: Dan Arel, Author of Parenting Without God

Our latest podcast guest is Dan Arel, author of Parenting Without God:

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Young Adult Novels Strengthened Her Faith. But the Bible Soon Put a Stop to That

It’s interesting to me what keeps people in Christianity and what they believe keeps them in it. There were a few things, as I was growing up in the Sovereign Grace Ministries cult, that were “approved” for my media consumption but were directly counterproductive to keeping me in step with the cult’s ideology. I am grateful they slipped under the wire — these are the things that broadened my thinking and kept me from getting stuck in that world.

The Guardian recently ran a piece about young adult (YA) literature and how the author’s exposure to a certain “Christy” book (a perennially popular Christian YA series when I was a kid) was a breath of fresh air when her mom refused to answer hard life questions for her.

It was much more influential to her faith, she says, than the Bible:

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An Atheist-Turned-Christian Responds to Those Who Are Trashing His Book

Last week, I posted an excerpt from Shane Hayes‘ new book The End of Unbelief. Hayes is a Christian who believes he can reach out to atheists more effectively than most apologists because, well, he used to be one of us.

Commenters ripped him a new one. (I feel obligated to mention that I warned him that might happen.) But I told Hayes beforehand that he was welcome to offer a response to whatever they said.

And so that’s what he did. His full response is below.

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Sam Harris’ Waking Up, About Secular Spirituality, Hits New York Times Best Sellers List

Congratulations to Sam Harris, whose new book Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, will enter the New York Times‘ Hardcover Nonfiction Best Sellers List this weekend at #3:

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Jesus Didn’t Walk on Water

Was Jesus really who he said he was? Were his miracles real?

Theologian Matthew O’Neil has written a new book that explores and dissects the divinity of Jesus. It’s called You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem (Dangerous Little Books, 2014):

In the excerpt below, O’Neil talks about the story of Jesus walking on water (Footnotes are omitted):

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