Bill Nye Has Announced the First in His Series of Science-Themed Novels for Kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy will be publishing a series of children’s books beginning next April. The first book, Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World, involves orphan geniuses who build robots, love math, travel to Antarctica, and search for a missing scientist. What’s not to love?!


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Author Katherine Ozment Discusses Finding Grace Without God in a Secular Age

Katherine Ozment, author of Grace Without God: The Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging in a Secular Age, recently spoke to the Atheist Community of San Jose about her book and how atheists can create their own traditions:


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Christianity is Incompatible With the Universe As We Know It

John W. Loftus has released his latest anthology of essays written by experts around one particular topic. This one is called Christianity in the Light of Science (Prometheus Books, 2016) and the chapters cover everything from Creationism to Jesus.

Christianity in the Light of Science_cover

In the excerpt below, written by the late Victor Stenger, we look at whether the modern universe can have any compatibility with the Christian worldview:

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Ignorant Christian Author Doesn’t Understand Why Atheists Care So Much About Religion

In a completely ignorant video from Mitch Stokes, the philosopher/author of How to Be an Atheist (an anti-atheist book), he poses a couple of rhetorical questions to Richard Dawkins. Both questions are very easy to answer, and both suggest Stokes has never spoken to an atheist, much less has any credibility to write a book about the subject.


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The “Science” in the Creation Museum

With the opening this Thursday of Ark Encounter, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at Answers in Genesis’ other monument to misinformation, the Creation Museum.

Authors and professors Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger Jr. explore it, warts and all, in their new book Righting America at the Creation Museum.

Trollinger righting cover

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