Ignorant Christian Author Doesn’t Understand Why Atheists Care So Much About Religion

In a completely ignorant video from Mitch Stokes, the philosopher/author of How to Be an Atheist (an anti-atheist book), he poses a couple of rhetorical questions to Richard Dawkins. Both questions are very easy to answer, and both suggest Stokes has never spoken to an atheist, much less has any credibility to write a book about the subject.


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The “Science” in the Creation Museum

With the opening this Thursday of Ark Encounter, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at Answers in Genesis’ other monument to misinformation, the Creation Museum.

Authors and professors Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger Jr. explore it, warts and all, in their new book Righting America at the Creation Museum.

Trollinger righting cover

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I Wasn’t Expecting to See That in a Book About Evolution…

When Renee Winget went to a local bookstore to pick up a copy of Neil Shubin‘s (excellent) book about evolution Your Inner Fish, she found a Christian tract inside…


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Why Is Grandma Talking To Her Food? How to Explain Prayer to Children

David McAfee, the author of several books about faith and atheism, has teamed up with writer and illustrator Chuck Harrison for a new project introducing religion to children.

The Book of Gods offers an objective take on what people believe and why they believe it.


In the excerpt below, the authors explain prayer to kids who might not be familiar with the concept:

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A New Book Explores How Non-Religious Parents Are Filling the Faith Gap

For years now, Katherine Ozment has been exploring how the ever-growing segment of non-religious parents raise their children. They’re not all atheists, but they have to grapple with the Big Questions about life and death and belonging, all without supernatural faith. She wrote a magazine article about it a few years ago, and she has now written a full-length examination into the topic.

Her new book is called Grace Without God: The Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging in a Secular Age (Harper Wave, 2016).


In the excerpt below, Ozment talks about how she realized the importance of teaching religious literacy to her oldest child, even when she wasn’t raising her in a particular faith.

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