Reading a Christian Apologetics Book After Becoming an Atheist

Coming out as an atheist to her family provoked an unsurprising response from reader Amanda‘s mother: My husband and I came out to our respective families two weeks ago (Yay! No more needless pressure to pretend anymore! No more paranoia over what their reactions would be!) and my mom very sternly suggested that I read [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Not-Quite-An-Atheist Seeks to Clarify His Beliefs

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard. I just stumbled across your site a couple hours ago and have been reading your Ask Richard articles and I thought maybe you could help me. I am not quite an atheist, but I am close. I don’t believe any religions have it [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens’ Next Book

It’s called Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens and it’s available September 1st. It’s a collection of pieces previously seen in Slate, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and other publications all the way through July, 2011. There’s an audiobook version, too, but unfortunately, he’s not reading it. At least he’s still healthy enough to be churning out [Read More...]

Well, They’re Not the *Top* 100 Facts…

There’s an anonymously written ebook circulating called 100 Facts Every Atheist Teen Must Know. There’s some decent stuff in it. Though it gives the same amount of space to “God” as it does “Alcohol” (but maybe that’s inevitable in a document like this). It also includes a couple random topics (like “Banking” and “Lindy Hop”) [Read More...]

Win a Copy of Penn Jillette’s New Book!

Today is the release date for Penn Jillette‘s new book God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales I have a copy to give away to one lucky reader, but first, an excerpt from the book. (Thanks to Simon & Schuster for that!) It’s from the introduction, titled “The Humility [Read More...]