Young Adult Novels Strengthened Her Faith. But the Bible Soon Put a Stop to That

It’s interesting to me what keeps people in Christianity and what they believe keeps them in it. There were a few things, as I was growing up in the Sovereign Grace Ministries cult, that were “approved” for my media consumption but were directly counterproductive to keeping me in step with the cult’s ideology. I am grateful they slipped under the wire — these are the things that broadened my thinking and kept me from getting stuck in that world.

The Guardian recently ran a piece about young adult (YA) literature and how the author’s exposure to a certain “Christy” book (a perennially popular Christian YA series when I was a kid) was a breath of fresh air when her mom refused to answer hard life questions for her.

It was much more influential to her faith, she says, than the Bible:

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An Atheist-Turned-Christian Responds to Those Who Are Trashing His Book

Last week, I posted an excerpt from Shane Hayes‘ new book The End of Unbelief. Hayes is a Christian who believes he can reach out to atheists more effectively than most apologists because, well, he used to be one of us.

Commenters ripped him a new one. (I feel obligated to mention that I warned him that might happen.) But I told Hayes beforehand that he was welcome to offer a response to whatever they said.

And so that’s what he did. His full response is below.

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Sam Harris’ Waking Up, About Secular Spirituality, Hits New York Times Best Sellers List

Congratulations to Sam Harris, whose new book Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, will enter the New York Times‘ Hardcover Nonfiction Best Sellers List this weekend at #3:

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Jesus Didn’t Walk on Water

Was Jesus really who he said he was? Were his miracles real?

Theologian Matthew O’Neil has written a new book that explores and dissects the divinity of Jesus. It’s called You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem (Dangerous Little Books, 2014):

In the excerpt below, O’Neil talks about the story of Jesus walking on water (Footnotes are omitted):

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Ken Ham is Writing a Tell-All Book About His Debate with Bill Nye

Ken Ham still thinks we’re all talking about his debate with Bill Nye.

Seriously. He thinks we’re all rethinking evolution because of stuff he said.

And he’s finally getting around to writing a tell-all book that will impress nobody.

I can’t believe he didn’t call it I Was There


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