Write a Review of The Bible (As If It Just Came Out Today)

Here’s an interesting thread in the Friendly Atheist Forums: Write a book review of the Bible as if it’s never been published before. xpastor wrote this entertaining review: We’re told nothing about the authors. Internal evidence — chiefly the pictures of young men with wavy shoulder-length hair and beards — suggests that it may be [Read More...]

Penn’s New Book

Publishers Weekly has a bit of info on Penn Jillette‘s upcoming book: The louder, larger half of magic duo Penn & Teller, novelist, comedian and producer of The Aristocrats, Penn Jillette’s GOD, NO! SIGNS YOU MAY ALREADY BE AN ATHEIST AND OTHER MAGICAL TALES, a reinterpretation of the ten commandments that reveals one outspoken atheist’s [Read More...]

Interview with Tom Krattenmaker, Author of Onward Christian Athletes

Tom Krattenmaker has been following the trend of religion in sports for a long while now, and he’s written a book about the subject: Onward Christian Athletes: Turning Ballparks into Pulpits and Players into Preachers. (To my surprise, it’s not just a biography of Tim Tebow.) A lot of you had questions for Krattenmaker — [Read More...]

Stephen Prothero Talks About Atheist Fundamentalists

A few months ago, Stephen Prothero wrote an article for USA Today stating that atheists would be better off without some of our more “aggressive” voices. (Disclosure: he mentioned me as an example of a “gentler” atheist.) I felt there was much more overlap between the two sides than Prothero was giving us credit for. [Read More...]

Just Revealed: The Cover of Sam Harris’ New Book

The cover for Sam Harris‘ new book has just been revealed: Nice. Plain. Powerful. If this were a Christian book, we’d see Harris’ face right there on the cover… In any case, it’s better than the Christopher Hitchens yellow-themed books, I say. The Moral Landscape will be published October 5th. [Read more...]