Pharyngulate Something Meaningful Today!

We all love crashing polls, but most of them don’t have a lot of meaning. They’re often there to bring hits to a website without having any real significance. But here’s a case where your votes could make a difference. A few years ago, my friend Dale McGowan wrote a wonderful book called Parenting Beyond [Read More...]

A Surprise at Catholic School

Joe Zamecki has been an atheist activist for years… which is why it makes perfect sense that he attended Catholic school for eight years. He’s written a book about his time there called Leaving the Quiet Room. It hasn’t yet been published, but Joe has provided me with an excerpt: In fifth grade, my class [Read More...]

How an Atheist Made Me a Better Christian

This is a guest post by Alise Wright. Alise is a wife and mom. She loves knitting, playing keyboards in a cover band, eating soup, and writing at her blog. … I love to read and I particularly like to read things that are of interest to important people in my life. So when my [Read More...]

There’s a Controversy Over *What*?

The controversy over Christian pastor Rob Bell‘s new book is still going on now that his book has finally been published — I’m sure his publishers are thrilled — but it’s a debate that will have no winners because both sides are wrong. A quick recap: It was being reported that Bell’s new book, Love [Read More...]

Is Rob Bell a Real Christian?

As popular as Christian pastor/author Rob Bell may be, I was surprised to see him as a trending topic on Twitter yesterday. The reason boils down to the content — or at least speculation of the content — of his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person [Read More...]