Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Black Atheists, and Your Chance to Win Dawkins’ Book!

The Secular Students at Howard University have some *very* exciting events coming up on Tuesday, September 28th. Both events are free if you pick up tickets at the box office. (Or you can get the free tickets via Ticketmaster, but you’d still owe them $7.50 $12.00 (says Frank in the comments below) in service charges. [Read More...]

What If They Burned Atheist Books…?

I know the piece is satire, but if Pastor Terry Jones ever decided to burn copies of The God Delusion, I hope this is the way we would respond: A spokesman for the Atheist Brotherhood in Australia was quoted as saying: ”We feel strangely unaffected and will seek revenge by raising our eyebrows and shrugging [Read More...]

A Children’s Book for Atheists?

I know we’re not fans of labeling children with any particular religion, but I kinda want to read Crispian Jago‘s story to a little kid… The full story can be read here (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]

Hey, Mark Driscoll, Say it To His Face!

My one-time “soul” buyer Jim Henderson is buddies with William P. Young, the author of the Christian best-seller The Shack. I don’t really know why that book sold as many copies as it did. I read it. It was a decent story, but not much more than that. I suppose it’s controversial in some Christian [Read More...]

I Picked a Winner and Wouldn’t You Know It…

Last week, I held an online fundraiser for the Secular Student Alliance with the grand prize being a special copy of I Sold My Soul on eBay with the signatures of several atheist leaders and celebrities within our movement. Over the weekend, I randomly selected a winner. I emailed the person to congratulate him and [Read More...]