Good Without God Gets Great Publicity

There’s some great publicity today and this weekend for Harvard Humanist chaplain Greg Epstein and his book Good Without God. Today, he’ll be appearing on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. And this Sunday, barring any major breaking news, a segment about his book should be featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Hopefully, [Read More...]

Question the Facts

Friend-of-the-blog Jessica Hagy has a wonderful Indexed cartoon in a new, free ebook conceived by Seth Godin: The book is called What Matters Now (PDF) and it’s a quick, wonderful read. I finished it the other day while my students took their final exams. There’s quite a bit of useful information in it. Except for [Read More...]

Remembering When Satanic Verses Hit the Shelves

Andy Ross used to run a place called Cody’s Bookstore in Berkeley, California. About twenty years ago, the store was firebombed after it carried and displayed copies of Salman Rushdie‘s Satanic Verses — a book that was deemed so offensive to Muslims that the Ayatollah issued a fatwa on Rushdie, calling for his death. Ross [Read More...]

Author Curious About Atheism in K-12 Education

Katherine is a writer who is working on a project about the Religious Right and their impact on public education (before college). Topics she is covering include: after-school evangelizing “clubs”; “student-led” prayer in high school athletics; distribution of religious literature on public school campuses; and debates over evolution, sex education, and the teaching of American [Read More...]

A Prisoner Reflects on Robert G. Ingersoll

Leslie Zukor runs the Freethought Book Project, which sends books about atheism to prisoners across the country. Recently, she received a letter from Michael L., a prisoner from Peoria, Illinois. She had sent him a book called American Infidel: Robert G. Ingersoll, about the Great Agnostic. Michael wrote a very moving letting back to her. [Read More...]