After a Catholic Priest Molested Your Brother, Can There Be Justice?

David Margolick has just released a short book (a Kindle Single) called A Predator Priest, a candid look at the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals through the story of one priest and the family he destroyed. Is anyone surprised to hear that it’s a true story…? … Margolick [tells] the tale of Father Bernard Bissonnette, [Read More…]

Armageddon for Kids!

Did you know the guys behind the Armageddon/Christ-is-coming-back!/Atheists-are-screwed Left Behind series also made a version for kids? As if they hadn’t done enough damage already… The book Taken compiles the first four books in the children’s series (and covers the basic plot of the first book in the adult series). The only reason I bring [Read More…]

Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment

We know all too well how children have been sexually abused in the Catholic Church and how kids have been killed (or nearly killed) because their Christian Science parents refused to take them to a doctor. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how children have been harmed by their religious [Read More…] Heard Your Complaints

Remember how got rid of their whole Atheism section for some reason? Well, they’ve informed me everything is fixed now — and it’s true! No explanation was given for why it disappeared in the first place… but your complaints must have annoyed them enough to fix it Nicely done! So have at it and [Read More…]

No Religious Texts on the 100 Greatest Non-Fiction Books List

The Guardian has put out their list of the “100 greatest non-fiction books” of all-time. Forget the debate about the list for a moment. I just love this explanation of why no religious texts made the cut: … after some debate we decided that religious texts were a little too, well, fictional. Didn’t know a [Read More…]