What Would Happen if a Mormon Woman Fell for an Atheist Philosopher…?

This is the first line of a description for the book A Lost Argument: A Latter-Day Novel (Strange Violin Editions): The summer after her freshman year at all-Mormon Brigham Young University, Marguerite Farnsworth falls in love with philosophy by way of falling in love with an atheist philosophy student. Blasphemous! I like where this is [Read More…]

How Do You Talk To a New Age Believer?

As far as I know, no one I’m close to believes in New Age bullshit. Hoagy Wilson seems to be surrounded by that nonsense, though, and he’s written an ebook explaining how to deal with it. It’s called How to Talk to Your New Age Relative. An excerpt is below: One area of substantial challenge, [Read More…]

FFRF Responds to the Public School’s ‘Christian’ Book Fair

A couple weeks ago, I posted a picture from reader Jessica that showed Christian books being sold at her daughter’s Wichita, Kansas public school book fair: This was especially surprising, given that Scholastic — the company sponsoring the book fair — doesn’t even carry religious titles… so how did they get there? The Freedom From [Read More…]

Why Are Christians Leaving the Church? Turns Out It’s the Churches’ Fault

David Kinnaman, the president of the Barna Group (a Christian-focused polling organization), just released his newest book, You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church and Rethinking Faith. So why are Christians — real, churchgoing Christians — leaving the faith later in life? No single reason dominated the break-up between church and young adults. [Read More…]

Sam Harris Releases Lying, His Latest Book

Almost ten years after he began writing his bestseller The End of Faith, Sam Harris‘ new book Lying is now available as a $1.99 Kindle Single: This is his 4th book and his first e-only book. (It’s not available in hardcover/paperback.) [Read more…]