Utah Cross Case Rehearing Denied; Next Stop SCOTUS

by Brittany Meyer … Just in time for the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice, the 10th Circuit declined an en banc review of a previous ruling that 14 large white crosses used as roadside memorials for fallen troopers on public land in Utah violated the Establishment Clause because it gave the appearance of endorsing Christianity. In [Read More…]

Standing: A Plaintiff’s Worst Nightmare

— by Brittany Meyer Another day, yet another “God” lawsuit thrown out due to lack of standing. Recently, The Freedom from Religion Foundation sued the Architect of the Capitol in federal court to get the “In God We Trust” and Pledge of Allegiance engravings removed from the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. Like my [Read More…]

North Dakota’s Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment is Bad News

Apparently, all it takes for a crack at privileging religion is 25,688 individual signatures. The North Dakota Family Alliance is working toward that magic number in order to get the Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment before North Dakota voters this November. If passed, this amendment to the state constitution raises the burden a governmental entity must [Read More…]

Christmas in July

— by Brittany Meyer It’s that time of year again — time to revamp the “religious winter holiday display on public property” debate. It’s a discussion that never seems to take a holiday of its own. This week, Leesburg, VA decided to decide and then decided to decide later whether holiday displays would be allowed [Read More…]

Supreme Court Decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

Is it discrimination to not allow discrimination backed by religion?  This is an oversimplification of the question asked in Christian Law Society v. Martinez (PDF), but the Supreme Court ruled on it today in the negative. Here’s a quick and dirty review of the facts: 1) Hastings is a public law school. 2) Hastings implemented [Read More…]