How Camp Quest Oklahoma Will Be Using the Money That a Christian Charity Refused

We now know how Camp Quest Oklahoma will be using the $25,000 (and then some) that an atheist gave them after a Christian charity rejected his donation.


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Podcast Ep. 118: David Diskin, President of Camp Quest West

At the recent American Humanist Association conference in Chicago, we spoke with David Diskin, the President of Camp Quest West. Camp Quest is a summer camp for children that embraces science, natural wonder, and humanist values.


Diskin has worked with Camp Quest West since 2010. He has been a long-time activist in California, co-founding the Stockton Area Atheists and Freethinkers and Sunday Assembly Sacramento. He also serves on the boards of California Freethought Day, the Secular Coalition for California, and the national Reason Rally Coalition.

We spoke with him about whether children of religious parents ever attend the camp, how the camp’s curriculum has changed over the years, and what he hopes Camp Quest achieves in the next few years.

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My Eye-Opening Week at Camp Quest

Let me be upfront with you: I volunteered for Camp Quest because I love the outdoors and because I like kids. I didn’t do it because I thought it would be a life-changing experience for them (or, for that matter, me). After all, it was just a week-long summer camp. How much can change in so little time?

For readers who may not understand why Camp Quest is so important — and I was one of those people before volunteering there — I’d like to share with you my experience in the hopes that you will see the importance of this organization and why it needs (and quite frankly deserves) your support.


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For These Campers, “How Do We Know?” Is the Most Important Question They Can Ask

Over 100 young campers began arriving on July 5 at the beautiful, forested Camp Quest campground in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in northern California. They were looking forward to a whole week of interesting camp activities and outdoor fun, but unaware that Terrible Lizards were lurking nearby, waiting to spring out!

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Summer Camp for Children of Atheist Parents is Now Led by Ousted Eagle Scouts

Several years ago, Neil Polzin was kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America — despite being an Eagle Scout — because he was an atheist.

Shawn Jeffers left the BSA in 2002 after coming out as both gay and atheist. He’s an Eagle Scout, too.

These are both guys who would love to give back to the Boy Scouts but are prohibited from doing so due to policies barring gay adults from leading troops and out atheists from having any association whatsoever with the scouts.

But both of them are now helping run Camp Quest, the summer camp for children of atheist parents. Jeffers is Chair of the Board, while Polzin serves as Vice Chair.

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