Thanks for the Gift Box

Well, this is very nice of the church to offer… (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

Bobby Jindal Uses State Funds to Travel to and Speak at Churches

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been visiting churches across the state on the taxpayers’ dime. Actually, it’s worse than a dime. His trips have cost around $45,000: Between March 2 and July 20, Jindal traveled to churches, mostly in north Louisiana, on a state helicopter at a cost to the taxpayers of about $45,000, according [Read More…]

Thoughts from Former Churchgoers

nakedpastor recently spoke to several friends who have left the church. Their statements about church sound like things I’ve heard from a lot of atheists: When they’ve been gone from church for a while and return they are all shocked by the strange lingo that people talk. It is a coded and getto-ized language that [Read More…]

Pro-Life Church Says They’ll Take Care of Any Babies You Give Them

Like many of you, I’m pro-choice without also being pro-abortion. I would love to see the number of abortions reduced (while birth control use increases) and I’m personally much happier to hear that a woman had a baby and gave it up for adoption rather than chose to abort it. (Of course, that choice depends [Read More…]

The Prosperity Gospel is a Bad Investment

As reader Scott points out, the picture says it all. The New York Times article discusses how Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (and other prosperity gospel preachers) are encouraging followers to give them money in order to get more money back from God. “God knows where the money is, and he knows how to get the [Read More…]