Tennessee Atheists May Be Interested In This…

To folks near Collierville, Tennessee (close to Memphis), there’s an event going on in your area next week at the Collierville Church of Christ you may want to attend: a “Truth About Human Origins” Seminar with Brad Harrub. Here’s the schedule: Friday August 14: 7:00PM: Atheism’s Attack on America Saturday, August 15: 6:30PM: Is Genesis [Read More…]

Video of the Kid Who Stole His Parents’ Car to Avoid Church

I mentioned a 7-year-old kid who stole his parents car so he wouldn’t have to go to church. Now, we have police video of the incident! It’s funny to watch (knowing the kid wasn’t injured)… the highlight comes at the 45-second mark. (Thanks to Dan for the link!) [Read more…]

The Evangel Cathedral Website

The Evangel Cathedral has one freaky little website. It gets very loud after you get through the intro. You may want some gauze close by so you can wrap some around your ears after they start bleeding. You’ve been warned. … I do enjoy the pastor’s facial expressions in the upper left. I also like [Read More…]

This is Why You Shouldn’t Drag Your Kids to Church Against Their Will

They’ll just steal your car and drive away. Which could be a problem if the child is only 7-years-old. A 7-year-old boy in Utah was so desperate to avoid church that he ended up leading police officers on a car chase after driving off in his father’s car. … The car reached speeds of 40 [Read More…]

Church Sermons on Sex

Prodigal Jon mentions (only half-jokingly) that if churches want to boost membership, they just need to have a sermon series on sex. And many have done just that. Jon also put the following quiz up on his site: Which of the following are actual sermon series used at churches or things a pastor said or [Read More…]