Church Sermons on Sex

Prodigal Jon mentions (only half-jokingly) that if churches want to boost membership, they just need to have a sermon series on sex. And many have done just that. Jon also put the following quiz up on his site: Which of the following are actual sermon series used at churches or things a pastor said or [Read More…]

Jesus on eBay? Never…

The sign below was found outside a church in Balham, London. That’s absurd. We all know you could never find anything Jesus-related on eBay… (Thanks to Andrew for the pic!) [Read more…]

What Could You Never Say in Church?

My friend Anne Jackson is going to publish a book later this year called Permission to Speak Freely. It’s a sort of Christian version of PostSecret, where people confess things they believe but feel they cannot say in church. For example: … I support civil unions for homosexual couples. … I just had a drink [Read More…]

Guns and God

You may have heard about the Kentucky pastor who urged his congregation to bring their (unloaded) guns to church last weekend. What did that pastor’s sermon sound like? David Martin offers up his version in today’s Chicago Tribune: Let us pray: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy sidearm. Thy kingdom come, thy [Read More…]

The Connection Between CEOs and Megachurch Pastors

Here’s an interesting look at how Christian megachurches are very similar to major business corporations: Successful megachurches are like well-run companies, with intricate corporate structures devised to keep each member personally engaged; their pastors are like chief executives, maximizing the productivity of laborers in the evangelism enterprise. Jumbotron notwithstanding, the architectural and organizational tropes of [Read More…]