Why You Should Be Openly Non-Religious, Explained by a Rapper in Under 90 Seconds

Rapper Buck Bowen (whose new album is free to download) wants you to be Openly Secular:

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So Far, Arian Foster Has Received Little Public Backlash After Coming Out as as Atheist

In the few days since the Houston Texans’ Arian Foster came out as “openly secular” — becoming one of the only public atheists in pro sports — I’ve been surprised by how accepting people have generally been.

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NFL Star Arian Foster: “I Don’t Believe There’s a God”

Arian Foster is the NFL star (a four-time Pro Bowler) who once wrote about how he plans to teach his daughter about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and often tweets things you wouldn’t expect from a religious individual. But he never came out and said he wasn’t religious. Until now.

While he’s sidelined for the early part of the season due to a groin injury, Foster was profiled by Tim Keown in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine and opened up about how he’s an atheist (even if he doesn’t use that word explicitly):

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 66: Shulem Deen, Former Hasidic Jew

Our latest podcast guest is Shulem Deen, a former Hasidic Jew.

Since leaving that world, Shulem has founded the website Unpious which is a voice for other ultra-Orthodox Jews who may be rethinking their faith. His new memoir is called All Who Go Do Not Return.

We spoke with Shulem about the hypocrisy of Hasidic Jews regarding modern technology, how that community reacted to an episode of This American Life focusing on them, and how America Online became his gateway to the outside world.

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Losing Your Religion is Like Losing Your Parents

Domyo Burk is one of the bloggers on the Patheos Buddhist channel. She’s been doing a lot of research into spirituality and meditation for a new book, and along the way, she realized that she didn’t believe in God.

She never really believed in a personal God who answers your prayers and watches over you, but there were several years where she had “faith in Something Greater.” (That’s where the Zen stuff kicked in.)

But not anymore. She has a fascinating post about her journey away from God — which is nothing like the typical stories we hear — and I really appreciated this analogy:

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