An Ex-Mormon Gave Her Visiting Teacher an Incredible Answer As To Why She Left the Faith

If only everyone who left a church could say something like this to the leaders who wonder why they left.


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Ask Richard: Atheist Sisters Brace For Rejection by Parents and Family

Should a young woman, whose Church of Christ preacher father looks down on her due to her acceptance of evolution, tell him she’s bisexual? (Her sister has also been treated the same way for her embrace of feminism.)

She desperately wants a relationship with him, but she also wants to be honest.


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Ex-Muslim: I Was Treated Like an Outcast For Not Being Angry Enough at the West

In this compelling video, a former Muslim talks about how he was indoctrinated going up, how he eventually walked away from the faith, and the repercussions he still faces today.


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An Adventist Pastor Resigned From the Pulpit and Left Church After Coming Out As Bisexual

Alicia Johnston still believes in God, but she no longer wants to lead a Seventh-day Adventist church if that denominations continues its anti-LGBT ways.


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An Ex-Muslim Talks About How Reading the Qur’an Helped Her Walk Away from Islam

In a video documenting her coming out story, a Saudi-born ex-Muslim talks about how the misogyny in the Qur’an was the motivation she needed to leave Islam for good.


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