An Ex-Muslim, Once Married to a Terrorist, Shares Her Inspirational Story

Seth Andrews recently spoke with Yasmine Mohammed, an ex-Muslim who was once married to an actual terrorist. Her story is incredible.


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A Glimpse at a Godless Beach Party for the “Interfaithless”

On May 20, people who have left various religions gathered in southern California for the Interfaithless Summer Kickoff Beach Party.

NPR’s Luke Vander Ploeg was there to witness it, and his report aired over the weekend.


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“Amish Atheist” Began Doubting His Faith After a Friend Asked a Simple Question

Kenneth Copp spent decades in the Mennonite and Amish communities, but he began having doubts after he met the photographer taking a passport picture for him.

They struck up a friendship, kept talking, and it wasn’t long before Copp stopped believing in God.


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What Would You Say to a Christian Wife Whose Husband Just Became an Atheist?

There’s so much from this video I could quote. It’s that good. Watch it.


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An Ex-Mormon Gave Her Visiting Teacher an Incredible Answer As To Why She Left the Faith

If only everyone who left a church could say something like this to the leaders who wonder why they left.


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