Teresa MacBain, the Pastor Who Became an Atheist, Has Found God Once Again

Teresa MacBain, who famously came out as an atheist at the 2012 American Atheists convention and worked with several atheist organizations in subsequent years, has apparently found God again.


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How Ex-Muslims Living in Islamic Countries Should Plan Their Exits

What should you do if you’re a young ex-Muslim woman living in an Islamic country, and you’d like to get the hell out of there?

Imtiaz Shams offers some excellent and detailed advice in this video:


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A Former Muslim Shares the Story of Why He No Longer Accepts Islam

In a very personal video, Abdullah Sameer talks about why he finally stopped believing in God and left Islam:


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A Conversation with Ex-Muslims Willing to Speak Out About Their Former Faith

The website Heat Street spoke with a number of ex-Muslims who are now working to help others make the transition out of the faith, no matter how risky that may be. Some gave their real names; others didn’t. Either way, it’s a very compelling video:


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An Ex-Muslim and Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Discuss Their Journeys Out of Faith

It’s always fun to see some of your favorite internet personalities come together, and these are two people I have enormous respect for.

Imtiaz Shams is an ex-Muslim whose videos helping people leave the faith have been posted on this site before. And Lloyd Evans is the Jehovah’s Witness watchdog who is a wonderful thorn in the side of the Watchtower Society.

They recently met in London to talk about their own journeys out of religion and the concept of shunning.


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