How I Left the Quiverfull Movement and Other Stories About the Loss of Faith

What is it like to leave your religion and embrace atheism? The more devout you are, the harder it may be. But Jonathan MS Pearce and Tristan Vick have compiled a collection of beautifully-told coming out stories in a book called Beyond An Absence of Faith: Stories About the Loss of Faith and the Discovery of Self.

In the excerpt below, Vyckie Garrison writes about how she broke free from the Quiverfull movement, beginning with a short description of her previous relationship:

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How to Get By When You’re an Atheist in the South

The Freedom From Religion Foundation held a regional conference in North Carolina recently and CNN’s Daniel Burke was there to see what it was all about — turns out this was a convention where many of the attendees kept their atheist identities a secret back home:

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The New York Times Profiles Even More Muslims-Turned-Atheists

Just a day after I posted about a Muslim-turned atheist featured in a newspaper article, the New York TimesMark Oppenheimer has a fantastic story about another Muslim-turned atheist, Heina Dadabhoy:

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She Left Islam and Her Family with the Help of Local Atheists

Just over a year ago, Kimberly Winston at Religion News Service wrote an incredible profile of 20-year-old “Samya,” an ex-Muslim woman who grew out of her faith and ran away from her family to avoid being the victim of an honor killing.

Now, Fort Worth Weekly‘s Kenneth Kost has written another in-depth version of her story. It’s just as compelling to read and it landed on the most recent issue’s cover:

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A New Blog for Pastors Who Are Secretly Atheists

The Clergy Project — an online home for about 550 current clergy members who secretly don’t believe in God — is embarking on a very exciting new project.

It stems from the fact that we don’t usually hear anything about these secretive members until they’re ready to announce to the world that they don’t believe in God. (Teresa MacBain and Jerry DeWitt are “graduates” of the project.)

That’s about to change. Clergy Project members who are not out to the world yet will now have a chance to share their thoughts in the public square, writing for a new Patheos blog called Rational Doubt:

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