An Ex-Muslim Tells the Heartbreaking Story of Choosing Between Her Daughters and Her Freedom

The Ex-Muslims of North America just released the latest video in their project featuring apostates willing to speak out publicly, and this one will bring tears to your face.


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Ex-Muslim Group Launches Project Featuring Apostates Sharing Stories of Why They Left Islam

The Ex-Muslims of North America just began a project in which they publish videos featuring apostates who are willing to speak out publicly.


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The Struggles of Being a Black Atheist

In an article for the Daily Beast, Brandon Withrow takes a look at the unique challenges faced by African-American atheists:


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A Swedish Ex-Mormon Just Published a Comic Book About Leaving the LDS Church

Cajsa Nordlund, an artist from Sweden, became a Mormon when she got married to one at a young age. But by age 27, she had resigned from the Church and left her husband. It was a relief in many ways.

She just published a comic book called Becoming an Ex-Mormon all about her journey out of the LDS Church, hoping that it inspires Mormons to join her on the other side.


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Teresa MacBain’s Return to God is Distressing to Many Closeted Pastors

Usually, when someone either stops believing in God or suddenly finds God, it’s a personal decision that doesn’t affect scores of other people.

But when you’re Teresa MacBain, the former pastor who publicly announced her atheism in 2012 but recently (and quietly) said she was a believer again, the ripples can be fairly large.


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