When This Christian Watched the Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate, His Faith Began Fading Away

Sal Villarreal helped found the Secular Latino Alliance and has a great post about his personal journey up at Medium.

Maybe the most eye-popping part of his piece is that he was a Christian trying to help his wife remain equally devout, when he saw that Ken Ham and Bill Nye would be debating Creationism vs. Evolution. He thought that conversation would be the perfect way to convince her that religion and science were indeed compatible.

Then he heard Ken Ham talk.

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People Who Left Islam Are Explaining Why Using the #ExMuslimBecause Hashtag

The Council of Ex-Muslims Britain has started a hashtag campaign called #ExMuslimBecause and they’re asking anyone who’s left the religion to share the reason(s) why:

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An Atheist Attorney Has Helped More Than 2,500 Mormons Resign From the Church for Free

With all the people leaving the Mormon church over the past week, due to the Church’s bigoted stance toward gay couples and their children, Mark Naugle has been working like mad to make sure all those resignation letters are being processed correctly.

He’s an immigration attorney by trade, but he knows what it takes to leave the Church since his own family did it when he was a teenager. Several months ago, he posted on Reddit about how he could help people through the process for free. When the new policies were made public, there were more people than ever before looking for the exit sign, and he’s been helping as many of them as he can.

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Six Years After Escaping the Exclusive Brethren Cult, Craig Hoyle Reflects on His Past

I sometimes post stories about the religious “bubble,” where you’re not allowed to have any significant contact with people outside the faith — especially those who have left the faith. In some cases, like with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, if you leave, even your parents will cease having a relationship with you.

The Exclusive Brethren, an evangelical Christian sect, are even worse. You only attend church schools, you work for church members, and spend your free time in church. You don’t watch TV or listen to radio, and even the Internet is limited to pre-approved websites.

They’re “exclusive” for a reason. And yet, six years ago, Craig Hoyle escaped:

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ESPN’s Outside the Lines Discusses Arian Foster’s Atheism

Yesterday, ESPN’s Outside the Lines focused on NFL star Arian Foster and his atheism. While most of the segment was a recap of the story by ESPN The Magazine‘s Tim Keown, you may want to check out the conversation starting at the 1:20 timestamp about Foster’s college days. Foster, while at Tennessee, didn’t want to attend team-building exercises at churches, and he felt it hurt his standing on the team.

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