Ask Richard: Atheist Being Included in Religious Discussions at Work

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I live in the heart of the Bible belt and have recently come out about my lack of beliefs. It has been quite the shock for my Christian family, friends and co-workers. Thankfully my co-workers have been the least judgmental of all. My [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Atheist Professor Challenges Students to Examine Religious Prejudice

Hi Richard, I teach Introductory Psychology at a local junior college. I would like to expand the classroom discussion on religious prejudice during my lesson on cultural influences, but I am unsure of exactly how to go about it. I am a passionate atheist, but would describe myself as being only moderately ‘out’ at work. [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Atheist From Quiverfull Family Considers Coming Out to Parents

I grew up in a family heavily influenced by the Quiverfull movement, which holds that parents should have large numbers of children in order to raise up an army for Christ. I have twelve younger siblings and was homeschooled for religious reasons. My parents made their fundamentalist evangelical faith the core of their existence, and [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Atheist Conflicted About Family’s Prayer at Holiday Meals

Dear Richard, I’m not sure how to start my letter but I suppose a little background might help. My parents are Pentecostals and they tried to raise me as such. I’m one of three siblings and all three of us ended up in the Baptist church by the time we were in high school. You [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Anticipating a Religious Funeral for a Gay Secular Humanist

Last week, an old college friend of mine died. He was only 32 years old. When I met him, he was a Christian and over the course of our friendship, he became a Secular Humanist. He also came out of the closet as a gay man. His family is still really religious and I have [Read More…]