How Should You Come Out as an Atheist without Generating Controversy?

There are a lot of ways you can come out as an atheist. Many of them result in someone getting very upset. Sometimes, it results in a fight over faith — maybe a debate you don’t want to get into. What do you do if you want to come out publicly as an atheist but [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Surrounded by Evangelists at Work

Note: To add another layer of anonymity for the letter writer, I have changed his name, as I do for all the writers who sign their letters with their name. I have also altered a few incidental details of his story to make him less identifiable. I’m interested in your opinion on this matter. I [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Should an Atheist Try to Change His Church from the Inside, Or Get Out?

Bill wrote a long letter that I have edited for space reasons. My paraphrasing is indicated by parentheses. For privacy, I have given him a different name. Dear Richard, I’m in a bit of a bind, and I have come to the conclusion that I need to seek out advice from people who lack the [Read More...]

Does Your Family Read Your Blog?

True story: Last weekend, I was showing my dad a couple of the articles about the ChicagoCor Atheist Billboard. His reaction was, “Do you realize your name is now associated with atheism?!” Umm… My family knows about this website and my activism, but they don’t read it and we rarely talk about it. I can’t [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Ex-husband, Christian Ex-wife, Kids in the Middle

Hello and thank you for your time. I grew up a christian and was raised in a baptist home (yikes). I am divorced and I have two children ages 11 and 7. I have only been an atheist for 3 years. My children were exposed to christianity from birth and still attend church with their [Read More...]