An Easy Way for Irish People to Leave the Catholic Church

If you’re (literally) an Irish Catholic, and you want to leave the Roman Catholic Church, you now have an easy way out. It takes three steps. Hundreds of like-minded people have completed an “actus defectionis” or “declaration of defection” on the site since it went live last Wednesday. They have completed a three-step process that [Read More...]

Christianity : Atheism :: 8th Grade : 9th Grade

Godless Girl left Christianity to become an atheist. She sees her transition as analogous to that between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school: For me, leaving Christianity was a lot like graduating from eighth grade to high school. My Christian walk had passed puberty: I was experienced, educated, well-rounded, and [Read More...]

Recovering Religionists: For Those Who Have Left the Church

I love when local atheist groups make the news. Especially in Kansas. Helen T. Gray of The Kansas City Star writes about a group called Recovering Religionists (RR) and what some of the members are dealing with: Julie Price has left the Catholic Church, Christianity and God. She has entered a new life without angels, [Read More...]

The Chosen Lama Leaves the Fold

You may have already heard the story of 24-year-old Tenzin Osel Rinpoche, who was tapped as a reincarnation of a high Tibetan Buddhist Lama (a.k.a. tulku) at the age of four. Rinpoche has since left his Tibetan university and may not even consider himself a Buddhist. Reader Jeff points out his favorite part of the [Read More...]

Dan Savage on Coming Out to Your Evangelical Family

Dan Savage, Savage Love columnist, is offering advice on when/how gay people should come out to their evangelical Christian families. Reader Paul adds, “I think you’ll find the parallels to atheism to be pretty clear.” (Thanks to Paul for the link!) [Read more...]