Ask Richard: Critical Mass: Atheists Facing the Unwelcome Christmas Ritual

I received two letters dealing with a similar holiday time quandary, going to Christmas Mass for the sake of the family, and so I am combining them in this post. Note: When letter writers sign with their first names instead of a pseudonym or nickname, I randomly change their name for added anonymity. Dear Richard, [Read More…]

Ask Richard: A Biologist Silent in the Face of Her Uncle’s Teaching Against Evolution

Note: When letter writers sign with their first name instead of a pseudonym, I randomly change their name to give them another layer of privacy. Hi Richard, I’m writing in because of a bit of a family happening I came upon this weekend while at my grandma’s 90th birthday celebration. To give you a bit [Read More…]

Ask Richard: An Atheist Considering Becoming An Anglican Minister

Dear Richard, I am a great admirer of the eloquent yet simple advice you give on Friendly Atheist. I have been “out” as an atheist for about one year now. I work in a Divinity Faculty, where I am surrounded by liberal, thoughtful, sophisticated religious believers, and recently I have been having thoughts about becoming [Read More…]

How Should You Come Out as an Atheist without Generating Controversy?

There are a lot of ways you can come out as an atheist. Many of them result in someone getting very upset. Sometimes, it results in a fight over faith — maybe a debate you don’t want to get into. What do you do if you want to come out publicly as an atheist but [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Surrounded by Evangelists at Work

Note: To add another layer of anonymity for the letter writer, I have changed his name, as I do for all the writers who sign their letters with their name. I have also altered a few incidental details of his story to make him less identifiable. I’m interested in your opinion on this matter. I [Read More…]