Ask Richard: Is He a Hypocrite to Keep Working at a Church?

Dear Richard, I am an atheist who became an atheist after getting a job working for a church. I enjoy my work and it is well paying with good benefits (something I need as my wife has had many health problems). My job is not really religious in a major way. I do mostly clerical [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Religious Relative Bugging Him about Attending Church

Dear Richard, While I am fairly open about my atheism around my friends and my apparently deist father, much of the older generation is devoutly Catholic. My grandparents know that I do not need church to be a good person, and have left the issue alone, but my great-aunt pressures me to come back to [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Being an “Out” Atheist Without Being a Jerk

Dear Richard I am a member of many online forums and LiveJournal communities. Whenever the subject of things such as ghosts, religion, astrology, homeopathy and other bizarre things come up, I often feel the need to make the lone dissenting comment. For example, occasionally the question of “Do you believe in Ghosts?!” comes up, and [Read More...]

An Easy Way for Irish People to Leave the Catholic Church

If you’re (literally) an Irish Catholic, and you want to leave the Roman Catholic Church, you now have an easy way out. It takes three steps. Hundreds of like-minded people have completed an “actus defectionis” or “declaration of defection” on the site since it went live last Wednesday. They have completed a three-step process that [Read More...]

Christianity : Atheism :: 8th Grade : 9th Grade

Godless Girl left Christianity to become an atheist. She sees her transition as analogous to that between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school: For me, leaving Christianity was a lot like graduating from eighth grade to high school. My Christian walk had passed puberty: I was experienced, educated, well-rounded, and [Read More...]