“Dr. Banjo” Pete Wernick Comes Out as Openly Secular

When I think of bluegrass music and banjos, the New Atheists don’t exactly come to mind. But musician Pete Wernick, known as “Dr. Banjo,” just made a video for the Openly Secular campaign in which he talks about how he stopped believing in an “invisible father figure” when he was a teenager:


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Author of Infamous “CES Letter” Has Left Mormonism: “I Have Excommunicated the LDS Church”

Jeremy Runnells is best known within Mormon circles for writing the CES Letter — a sort-of open letter that questions the foundational beliefs of the Church. I’ve heard from several former Mormons that they began their journey out of the faith precisely because they read that letter and realized they had been lied to their entire lives. (Needless to say, the person to whom the CES letter was directed never answered Runnells’ questions.)

For his efforts, Church leaders began proceedings to kick Runnells out. They wanted to excommunicate him for daring to ask difficult questions.

But they won’t have to have that meeting now. Last night, Runnells announced that he had resigned from the Church. They can’t break up with him, because he just broke up with them.


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Rapper Killah Priest Urges Atheists to “Be Vocal About It” in New Openly Secular Video

The latest person to film a video for the Openly Secular campaign is Killah Priest, a rapper who has worked with the Wu-Tang Clan:


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A New Documentary Will Show the Relationship Between a Famous Christian Pastor and His Atheist Son

Last year, I had the chance to talk to former evangelical preacher (and current Humanist chaplain) Bart Campolo — and it was a fascinating conversation about how atheists perceive death and how Bart parted ways with his famously Christian father Tony.

Bart is one of those guys whose personal story and message of hope (yes, even for atheists) really needs to be shared.

That’s why I’m so excited that a filmmaker has been working on a documentary about the father and son. You can see the trailer below:


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An Ex-Muslim Explains Why He Left Islam (and Moved from Saudi Arabia to Canada)

An ex-Muslim on Reddit is celebrating getting out of Saudi Arabia and moving to Canada, where he was born.

When he first moved to Saudi Arabia, he was a devout Muslim who “supported apostasy laws,” but he soon realized the horrors of living under Sharia Law — especially when he saw that gay people were being thrown off roofs for the “crime” of homosexuality.

Fair warning: the video below describing his journey is graphic:


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