Pakistan Sentences Man to Death for Alleged Blasphemy on Facebook

How many people have to die before these radical Muslims accept that their actions are far worse than the criticisms of their faith?


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A Dying Atheist Shares the Bad Medical Advice He’s Getting in This Book Parody

Crispian Jago’s renal cancer is serious enough that doctors are giving him no more than 18 months to live. But his sense of humor hasn’t let up one bit.


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Mississippi Funeral Home Sued After Allegedly Refusing to Transport and Cremate Body of Gay Man

The funeral home told the deceased man’s husband that they did not “deal with their kind.”

Jack Zawadski mourns his loss in a Lambda Legal video.

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A 29-Year-Old Blogger Who Criticized Islamic Extremism Was Murdered in the Maldives

Yameen Rasheed, a blogger critical of radical Islam, lived in the Maldives, an island nation and tourism magnet. On Sunday, he was brutally murdered, continuing a pattern of South Asian religious critics being killed for their sacrilegious ideas.


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Telling a Dying Man That Donald Trump Was Impeached Is Better Than Saying He’s Going to Heaven

Last week, an Oregon man named Michael Garland Elliott died. And the reason that became national news is because, according to the obituary, his best friend (and ex-wife) Teresa Elliott told him “Donald Trump has been impeached” just before he took his last breath.

Sounds unethical… but it’s far better than the lies we usually tell people before they die.


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