“Humanist” Student Mashal Khan Beaten to Death in Pakistan After Accusations of Blasphemy

According to very disturbing reports out of Pakistan, Mashal Khan, an activist who called himself “The Humanist” on Facebook and a student at Abdul Wali Khan University in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, was shot and beaten to death by fellow students today after being accused of blasphemy.


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A Dying Atheist’s Last Wish Was To Have a Godless Funeral, So His Daughter Put One Together

This is what a funeral should be: Sharing wonderful memories of the deceased. There’s no need to inject God into that.


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Study Finds That Atheists, Just Like the Devoutly Religious, Don’t Fear Death

There’s a belief among many religious people that atheists fear death. That’s why, when trying to convert us, they focus on the afterlife and the joy we’ll find in Heaven. A new study, however, finds that atheists, just like deeply religious people, have very little anxiety about death.


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The Legacy of the “Father” of Ex-Gay Therapy

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the death of Joseph Nicolosi, known as the father of gay conversion therapy.


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Indian Atheist Hacked to Death After Posting Criticisms of Religion on Social Media

A 31-year-old Indian man named H. Farook was hacked to death on Thursday night by four men who were pissed off that he posted atheistic messages on a WhatsApp group and Facebook page.


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